Vivre: Store for Furniture, Garden, Interior Design

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Vivre: Store for Furniture, Garden & Interior Design

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful home, and Vivre, the name says it all is one such destination for quality inspiring beautiful homes everyday offering over 150 products to fall in love with. The store since its inception in 2012 has come a long way and with 9 categories of objects suitable to decorate your entire home, it is already considered to be one of the largest online store in Central and Eastern Europe when it comes to Furniture, Textiles and decorations.

Committed to being your trusted partner to shop for furnishings with style and luxurious designer details is offering something beautiful for every budget as it is celebrating its 9th anniversary, with a plethora of discount deals which definitely you wouldn’t want to miss, and if you want to give your home a stunning makeover, slight modification can dramatically alter the look and feel of your room.

Transform your Living Room

Apart from good conversations, a classy Modern living room needs balance and harmony at all times. One can have endless possibilities and can style up the room using vivid colors or cool pastel tones. If you have got the basics right, the rest of the décor becomes easy and one of the first considerations is choosing the Living room furniture. Vivre is home to a number of different styles of sofas and chairs, offering you not only pure comfort, but simplistic elegance to meet every interior scheme.

  • Comfort Elite Turquoise Right Corner

Tropical interior design style is extremely popular as the elements include plenty of indoor plants, neutral color palette and textural elements such as wood, metal, and steel, ceiling fans, monochromatic and light reflective color scheme. A relaxing sofa is one of the basic element from which we start to decorate the interiors. Explore from the wide curations in mid-century modern style range of sofas from Vivre. The Elite Turqoise Right corner sofa would surely be the center of attraction for you as it delivers a modern feel and is eligible for free shipping within 5 days from the date of purchase. The wooden frame upholstered with 100% polyester and hard plastic legs is available at a steal deal of 1799.99 lei over the regular price of 5032 lei.

Complete the look with large cushions, scatter cushions or rolled bolster cushions for maximum comfort. To create a cohesive look, lay down a cream colored rug which can be procured from the Vivre store for half the original price during the Vivre 9th Anniversary sale. Sink your feet into cozy woven rugs that will not only add color, but also give a patchwork effect while covering a larger area. The Polka coffee table in gold & white can add a touch of glam.

Unlock the best version of your Bedroom

Bedroom is your perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Elements such as soft colors of the walls, textures, floorings, furnishings have to be taken into consideration. Use of delicate décor will give your bedroom a glamorous and soft feel. There is no better way to refresh your bedding than adding some decorative throw pillows to give a revamp. One can select new Duvet covers reflecting the changing seasons and for a stress-free sleeping environment consider cool tones such as blues or greens or floral prints. To bring more femininity in your room you can go in for the King Satin supreme Pink Powder bed linen to give a note of elegance to your room.

Alternately, you can also choose a stylish collection of bedding options including comforters, Quilts, Duvet covers & more.

  • King Satin Supreme Pink Bed Linen

Get ready to get praise and admiration at the first glance which gives a beautiful refreshing look to your bedroom. The Vivre store has an assortment of more such products as you surround yourself in softness for a deep and restorative slumber. Equally, important is the lighting of your bedroom for setting the right mood and also for fulfilling several functions like reading, dressing, and placing them strategically will deliver the right light output. Several light fixtures will also help to make a small room look bigger casting indirect light. Decorative wall scones are a great idea, and you can choose from the vast collection at Vivre.

Children’s Room – A place for dreams

In today’s times, parents are increasingly sensitive towards making Children’s room more gender-neutral. With a whole new world of exciting styling possibilities it is certainly a daunting task in making the right choices, but from slide beds to novelty bunk beds, Vivre has oodles of ideas to inspire. Roll up your sleeve and get the ball rolling on the ultimate makeover of your kid’s room.

  • Bunk Bed at Vivre

Kids love colors and feel happy to explore their space and one of the great ways to introduce them to the world of colors is through colorful furniture. Bed is one of the most basic pieces of furniture in a kid’s room. Some of the great designs at Vivre store are a favorite among parents not only for its design but also for decorative appearance. The neutral color allows you to combine different colors of the walls, so it becomes easy for your imagination to run free.

The Vivre store also offers a plethora of options of kids clothing online for all age groups. When it comes to trends, you can bet that the Vivre store offers the latest in fashion for little boys and girls.

Great Scapes Outdoor Living

If you have a green thumb, give a makeover to your back yard and get it ready to sit on the deck while enjoying your morning cup of coffee. Lanterns are the kind of outdoor décor having the power to change the atmosphere. These Lanterns from the Vivre store have a sleek and minimalistic design. If you are in the mood to give it a more rustic or Bohemian style, then you can go in for the set of 6 solar Flashes Display available at a sale price of 189.99 lei.

Show off your plants and make them the focus point with a variety of Planters to hold your gorgeous flora. Invest in some colorful pots. Vivre has a great collection of hanging planters, or pot holders . A seating area can make any garden space sing, and what more can one ask for if you can create this opportunity and make this a cozy spot for relaxation. Arrange the furniture as if it were indoors, a sun lounger from Vivre for 799 lei, next to a side table with a screen garden umbrella for just 189 lei will be so inviting and comfortable to use.

Get creative and keep the same style throughout your home as you stick with elements that have been there for a long time and have longevity. The Vivre store has it all there and it’s the little things at Vivre that magnify our delight and add new life and color to your home as we infuse fun additions to our space.

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