8 Exclusive Vera Bradley Disney Collections That Will Leave You Awestruck

March 6, 2023 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Blog

As the season of cherry blossoms is just next door, the bell for a rapturous gateway may already start tickling your mind. Because, when Spring showers its magical spell how can you stay stolid? And Vera Bradley understands this affinity very well. Thus toasts the season by debuting an exclusive Disney series craftsmanship showing gratitude to the 100th Disney Anniversary side by side.

When we all know the world of fantasy resembles the world of Disney, naturally there would be a vivid impact on Vera Bradley’s Disney collection, witnessed through blooming colors and prints. Hence for this spring, it has debuted a whole floral rack jampacked with ranges of bags, apparel, and accessories hued with blots of colors and enchanting prints. Henceforth, albeit the 100th anniversary of Dinsey has enough time to stop time there is no harm floating in ebullience with Vera Bradley’s exclusive Disney series.

Vera Bradley Diseny Collection: 100th Anniversary Spl.— 8 Best Reccomendations

As an eminent outlet for printed bags and accessories, most of us are aware of Vera Bradley’s captivity. From stunning designs to prints, designs and quality everything amalgamates with each other at impeccable proportions. So, the same feature is also noted on the rack of the Disney collection, classified into bags, backpacks, travel bags, apparel, and accessories. We’ve picked the 8 most popular among all.

Vera Bradley Disney Bags Collection

When it comes to flaunting with bags no one can beat Vera Bradley. From designs to aesthetic collaboration, the brand marks its level beyond mediocrity. Since the brand proves immense craftsmanship in the choice of prints, the deck of Disney bags predominantly unveils a mixed blueprint of both floral prints and famous Disney characters. However, this exclusive rack is further sub-classified into bags, backpacks, handbags, and travel bags, and we’ve picked the top 4 out of them.

Disney Mini Totepack

This mini Disney totepack or mini backpack is a flawless grab for a summer outing with friends. Inspired by Disney Classic On The Green, the bag replicates the same aura throughout the designs. So, printed with floral and Disney fairytale characters, the bag is made up of pure recycled cotton with two zip-enclosed pockets in the front and on the top correspondingly. Further to this, the quilt knitting designs impinge on the overall glamour 10 times ahead. 

Disney Glenna Satchel

Satchel is not just a fancy accessory it is more often addressed as a comfort accessory in terms of look and extent of usage. And this Glenna satchel takes this adoration to such a level that you can’t stop loving and being snugged by it all around a day. Featuring the Disney Classic On The Green Print, the bag resembles a cute pouch satchel shape added with two shoulder straps and 5 zip-enclosed slip pockets through the front and backsides. Furthermore, cotton fabrication escalates the level of comfort while accompanied by it. Thus, for a summer/ spring beach vacation never mind picking this before.

Disney Triple Zip Hipster Crossbody Bag

Who doesn’t love crossbody bags duly outing? The hoar swirls on the peak, especially during a beach vacation. Subsuming the pith, Disney wraps some of its satchel within the design of Dinsey Classics on The Green print. Take this hipster crossbody bag as an example. Just being featured with the Disney inspiration, the overall beauty glimmers like a fully-bloomed cherry tree! Hence, don’t step back to grab it as a true holiday triumphant.  

Disney Whimsey Costemic Case

Although not an ideal bag you can still consider it as a tiny satchel and can use it for vibrant purposes apart from a cosmetic chest. Inspired by the print of Disney princess Snow White and her friends, the chest is tinted with jade black as the base colour and made up of polyurethane. Get dressed up properly if you’re using this as a part of vanity apart from the principal purpose. 

Vera Bradley Disney Apparel & Accessories Collection

Likewise the cabinet of bags, Vera Bradely dissipates a sparkling Disney charm across its apparel wardrobe. Hence, the impact of entangling prints of Disney characters is vivid in ranges of clothing sects such as shorts, tees, joggers, socks, and more. We’ve recommended the best 2 out of all. 

Disney Short-Sleeved Graphic T-Shirt

The short-sleeved graphic t-shirt is weaved from 100% genuine cotton and bleached with pure white. Printed with the Disney characters Snow White and others, the tee is a perfect outfit for casual outings. You can also pair it with a suitable jogger with enticing Disney floral prints if wish.

Disney Banded Jogger

This banded jogger is inspired by Disney Classics prints and makes a fabulous pair with Disney white t-shirt. Made up of blended fabrics with half proportion of cotton and another half from spandex, the jogger avails utmost comfort duly donning. Hence, can happily be used as outwear apart from loungewear.

Vera Bradley Disney Home Collection

The bevvy of Vera Bradley Disney home is literally a sweetheart and a genuine wonderland. In fact, it’s easy to spot anything, essential for regular livelihoods once peeked inside the caboodle. From bedroom essentials to kitchen apparel even study room essentials the whole house is well embellished with all genuine needs. We’ve shortlisted the 2 most loving out of all.

Disney Stainless Steel Mug

It is a long stainless steel mug customized with Disney Classic prints. With a hard plastic handle and cover lid, it is a flawless choice for gifting as well. The containing capacity of the mug is 18 oz. lastly, it proves enough potency to maintain the temperatures of the beverage after pouring inside.

Disney Plus Throw Blanket

You can’t simply stop snuggling all day around once get in touch with this throw plush blanket. Besides the soft fleece fabrics another feature which is most luring is the fascinating prints inspired by Disney Classic. So, to bask under the Spring halo with a soft gentle breeze in the portico of your house go ahead with this one at once. You will truly enjoy memorable relaxation.

How To Shop At Vera Bradley Disney Collection? Step-By-Step Explanation

Being a limited-time promotion there are some essential guidelines adhesive with the Vera Bradley Disney collection. We’ve lucidly represented these below step-by-step. Take a sneak peek. 

Step 1: Visit the official website of Vera Bradley and scrawl into the Disney collection

Step 2: Take a cursory glance at the promo and its exclusives

Step 3: Pinpoint the area of niche that meets your choice namely bags, apparel, home, etc

Step 4: Put the products into the trolley

Step 5: Look for Vera Bradley promo codes for this event, if exist.

Step 6: Complete the payment via card, net banking, PayPal or AfterPay. That’s all.

What Are The Exclusives Of Vera Bradley Disney Prints?

Under the Vera Bradley Disney collection, there are three variants at present which bear subtle yet prominent differences. Below, their description has been revealed in a nutshell. 

Disney Classics On The Green

It is the pattern which intertwines verdance and love with sheer grace. Resembling with a smorgasbord of spring flowers, orchids and evergreen Disney stars Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, Bambi & Peter Pan, Disney Classic On The Green would truly take you to the world of classic fantasy.   

Disney Snow White Collection

You can’t simply ignore Disney Snow White collection if espouses an avid affinity for Snow White and her world. Embroidered with pristine embroiders and bubbly hues, a pick from this closet will let you live in a true dreamland.

Disney Classic Swirl

Disney Classic Swirl will literally let your heart swirl into the ebb of happiness. With a spectrum of elegant floral embroidery and classic characters at times you will feel like rediscovering your childhood accompanied by this print.

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Therefore, don’t procrastinate further, start wishlisting your products if you are dreaming of a mesmerizing Spring outing accompanied by Disney Classics’ spell. Enjoy shopping and happy roaming.

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