Treat your leisure wisely with Legmi books| Top 10 picks

May 2, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Blog

The habit of reading books in leisure is one of the most cherished precendital habits since the advent of civilization. But the agony is with the rapid propagation of technology we’ve been quite indifferent to this practice. Social media, chatting, and videos–all these are found to be the triggering factors that together push us to be obsessed with publicity, self-aggrandization, and vice-versa. As a result, it veils an inimical effect on our brain and health, after all, digital rays are full of adverse effects! So, it’s time to put a full stop to this practice and go back to the old habit of reading books. But the question is ‘how’? As life has been so busy these days! In order to save you from this mire, Legimi books take the initiative.


From the day of its set up, Legimi overcasts a strong spell over Polland and provokes citizens to choose books over social media. Because enriching wisdom always counts profit future. The bookstore imparts its entire catalog into 2 sections; ebooks, and books. The best part is it also grooves out a special section for audiobooks. So, while you’re too busy to focus on pages, a good engaging audio story may feed your brain. Therefore, you need a better filtration of Legimi and its collection, a list of top 8 picks is revealed below. Go through these. 


Top 8 books of Legimi

  1. Eating the Buddha. The life of a Tibetan town in the shadow of China| Barbar Demick

This non-fictional piece depicts the overpowering dominance of China during the civil war 1930, held on the Tibetan plateau and the scathing impact on Tibetan lives. It also framed the ways, from survival norms to identity both religious and physical had been severely dilapidated and ultimately turn the tranquil, serene Tibetan life chores into a land of hunger, blood, and devastation. In a nutshell, in order to uncover the sharky impact of Chinese supremacy upon Tibet, the book is a must-read. It is available in e-books.


  1. Buried. Life, Death and Revolution in Egypt| Peter Hessler

A detailed chronicle rather than a book, the novel portrays the life on both sides of the Nile, Egyptian fanatics, and eroticism in the time frame between the middle ages to liberal times. At the same time, it rummaged through the revolutionary or impact of civil wars over Egypt and how it did influence the people both mentally, emotionally, and vice-versa. The book is beautiful and engaging on one side and lachrymosing on the other.


  1. Cables| Michael Herr

A war is not just about fighting, fear, siren, and killings, a lot more aspects are intermingled at the same time. This classic masterpiece exactly articulates so. It is piles of ground reporting by the author during the Vietnam war which beautifully elucidated about the war, its impact, fears, shattering psyche of human, soliders’ perception, slangs, and feeling and moreover the battle-scuttled situation of the land during the time. 


  1. Missing from the Moonlight| Christelle Dabos

The book is candid and engaging fiction that branches out around the central character Ophelia and her interesting activities inside and outside the court. It was the debut novel by the author and was immensely crowned as a best seller within a few days. It is best recommended for children and teenagers.


  1. Crazy Love. I want one like Putin. Reports from Russia| Barbara Włodarczyk

The book is a collective report about Russian society of both political, societal, and democratic and a glorified zeal for the president Vladimir Putin. It questions and at the same time tries to drill out the reason that drives every single Russian citizen’s zeal for the president. At the same highlighted some other aspects such as what would be the destiny of this unanimous democracy? Is there any heir after Putin? The book tries to uncover all such questions. Hence, a good suggestion for your leisure to make it more thoughtful.


  1. Love in the neighborhood| Belle Aurora 

Who does not love reading about a love story? Especially, it becomes more engrossing when the love gradually drips from sensual pleasure. This refreshing book is all about that. That is finding certainty from the uncertain, finding love over physical pleasure. It imbues emotion, passion, and complexity of life with utmost aptness. So, to blow out your mind with freshness go for it.


  1. Wuthering Hills| Emily Bronte

A passionate classic literature lover knows that the craze for Victorian time will never go fetish even for a while. And this masterpiece by Emily Bronte put another velvet feather to this adornment. The novel reveals the dark side of human nature and behavior. How? If you wonder about it, you must put it into your personal bookcase.


  1. Greenpoint. Chronicles of Little Poland| Ewa Winnicka

The chronicles showcase how a small community of Polish people grows inside Greenpoint’s of New York for the last 150 years. It carries out in-depth scrutiny of the life of refugees, and immigrants’ livelihoods and prominently unveiled the contradiction of lives and standards among themselves. That is how a few among them had improved their lives with time and how some others still live in small, nasty camps. 


How does Legimi work?

Once you go through the details of the top book list above, if you feel keener to uncover the service policies of Legimi and its consumer friendliness, then relax. Through the following pointers, all your queries will be fulfilled. But before skimming through these just keep in mind that, Legimi currently holds a behemoth of 140,000 books and unlocks a benefit of 7 days trial completely for free to its users. 


However, this is how the store works…

  1. Visit the official site of Legimi and go through the available subscription plans
  2. Choose any of these as per personal preference and start using the trial benefit
  3. Once the trial is over complete all kinds of transactional and other needfuls
  4. Download the Legimi app either from the Play Store or the app store
  5. Visit and explore its catalog. Click on the button on the ‘download shelf”
  6. Start reading or listening
  7. In case you want to shop the books in physical form fill in the shipping address and complete the rest process.


Books are the ultimate companion both for our acuity and free space. So, take the vow to trim your free time in front of social media, rather than with books from now onwards. Keep on reading and spread the habits among your native circle as well. Enjoy! 




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