Top DHgate Sellers 2019 (December Update – More Sellers Added)

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DHgate as a platform is growing in size and has become one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world. They are only second to the biggest in the world such as Aliexpress. Like most marketplaces, it’s difficult to find the right seller or supplier for something you want to buy. A lot of people check out a few sellers and get disappointed with the collections they see and then move onto another platform. DHGate has amazing sellers with unique products at the best prices. I have listed the categories and the top sellers for each category. Hopefully this makes your DHgate buying experience much better.

#1 –  China Apple 2015

Have you wanted awesome electronics at a cheap price? Then China Apple 2015 has the goods for you to deliver. Known for their charging accessories such as USB cables, car chargers, wall charger, Aux cables and more. This is the perfect shop to visit, if you want super cheap charging options. Has 4,000+ happy customers and a rating of 99.4%.

#2 – iZeso

The iZeso store has a brilliant rating of 99.6% and have more than 2800+ transactions conducted on the store. They sell top quality Airpod replicas such as the i11, i12. They also sell cases for the Airpods which are designed well!

#3 – Flydream 

The Fly Dream Store is one of the largest on dhgate with a 97.3% rating and over 14,800+ transactions. They sell everything under the sun. From headphones to flat irons, to facial massagers and more. They are known for their electronics.

#4 – ZZYD Factory

The ZZYD Factory specialize in power banks and phone cases. They have interesting options such as solar power banks. They also have some good charging cables. With a 99.6% rating and over 6362+ customers, they are one of the best in Dhgate.

#5 – UoneTech

Uone Tech is the store you want to visit, if you want awesome smartwatches and fitness bands at affordable rates. They sell a lot of products like cell phone cases, charging cables, bluetooth speakers and more. They have a rating of 99.3% and 8000+ happy customers.

#6 – iBestshoppingmall

The iBest Shopping Mall is a brilliant Dhagte seller that sells all electronic items and accessories such as tempered glass, phone cases, TWS earphones, tablet cases, car chargers and more. 99.5% positive rating and 5000+ happy customers.

DHGate Home Products Sellers

#7- Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel store is an all in one shop that sells home goods such as bottles, stoves, spoons, ladles and more. They have a 100% rating and 2000+ happy customers. One of the best on Dhgate.

#8 – Sophine11

The Shopine Store specializes in Blankets, Pillows and Pillow Covers. They have an amazing collection of beautifully designed home products that’s worth a look. They have a positive rating of 97.7%.

#9 – Wholesale Shop

The Wholesale Shop literally has every product that a home will need. They sell mugs, towels, pillow cases, Kitchen tools, Pet supplies and more. They have been around for 8 years and have a positive rating of 99% with 9000+ happy customers

The Dhgate Recommended store has everything you need for a home. From home wear to blankets to even home decor. This store has it all. They have a 98.9% rating and have been a Dhgate seller for 2+ years.

#11 -Home Pillow

As the name suggests, these guys deal with pillows of all types. You want floral pillows or plain pillow covers? You got it. They have a good range of pillow covers. Apart from that, they do sell a lot of floral stuff.

#12 – Good_home

The Good_home store has a lot of home products such as water bottles, mugs, blankets and more. It has a rating of 97.9% and they have a pretty good collection.

#13 – 350 V3

The 350V3 store is one of the most popular sporting stores on Dhgate. They have a wide range of shoes, jerseys, sport bikinis, college jerseys, soccer wear and more. They have more than 45,000+ orders and a rating of 98.9%

#14 – Air Max 97

The AirMax 97 is one of the biggest shoe sellers on Dhgate. They have more than 30,000+ happy customers and 97.6% positive rating. They sell basketball shoes, running shoes and also have replicas of top brands such as Nike.

#15 – Boost 700 V2

The Boost 700V2 is another top store for shoes that sell Air Jordan’s and has a collection of 500+ sneakers. They sell soccer shoes and casual shoes too. They have a 97% positive feedback with 24,000+ customers.

#16 – Luxury Shoes

Luxury shoes is probably one of the biggest shoe sellers on Dhgate. They have 50,000+ sales and a positive rating of 97.8%. They sell shoes of all types. From running shoes to sandals and slippers.

#17 – Luxury Designs

The Luxury Designs shoe store is a leading seller on Dhgate that deals in sports shoes, running shoes and luxury shoes. They have a good collection of shoes and that shows in their positive rating of 96.6%.

#18 – Retro Jordan

The Retro Jordan shoe store specializes in all kinds of sneakers, especially the latest kicks. They have a very good rating of 97.4% and 18,000+ happy customers.

#19 – Vans Old Skool

The Vans store sell more than just vans shoes. They sell the latest sports shoes, casual shoes, sneakers and also running shoes. They got 16,000+ customers and a 97% positive rating.

Best Dhgate Apparel Sellers

Dhgate Apparel Sellers

#20 – Propcm

Propcm is an apparel seller with an amazing collection for men and women. They have a positive rating of 96% and have over 15,000+ ratings. Their collections are state of the art and modern.

#21 – Jst4urwear

This store is famous for its skinny jeans and also ripped jeans. Apart from that they have tees for women, dresses, jackets and blazers. They’ve been around for 2 years and have a 95.5% rating with 6,000+ transactions.

#22 – T Shirt

The T Shirt store is a casual clothing store on DH gate. They have a good collection of tees, jeans, jackets, boxers, dresses, tights and more. They have a 94% positive rating and 3000+ transactions.

#23 – Best_Bikini

Best Bikini as the name suggests has a lot of women’s wear. Apart from bikinis, they sell dresses, tops, tracksuits and more. They are relatively new, but have a 95.6% positive review.

#24 – Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing is a Dhgate apparel seller with an amazing collection for men and women. They sell gym pants, dresses, t-shirts, jackets and more. They also sell slightly formal t-shirts and hoodies. They have over 6400+ happy customers and a positive rating of 94.6%.

# 25 – Netecool

Netecool sells some amazing clothing for men. They have a good collection of gym wear, tees, pants and more. They have close to 4,000 customers and a positive rating of 94.3%

#26 – Yabsera

The last of the apparel sellers. Yabsera is certainly one of the best. They have sold more than 20,000 units of apparel and have a positive rating of 95.6%. They sell the latest styles in mens tees, shorts,


Best DHgate Watch Sellers 

DHgate Watch Sellers

#27 – Swiss Watches

Swiss Watches is one of the best stores on Dhgate for watches. They have a 98.4% positive rating and over 20,000+ customers. They sell watches of all type such as G-shock, men’s wear, women’s wear, sports, luxury sapphire and more.


Honorable Mentions – Dhgate Watch Sellers

#28 – Fujimin

#29 –John’s Watch

#30 – Zww007

Best DHgate Sunglasses Sellers

DHgate Sunglasses Sellers

#31 – Wide Supplier

Wide Supplier is probably the best sunglasses seller on Dhgate. They sell over 500 styles of sunglasses. They have a positive rating of 98.4% and have over 3600+ happy customers.

Honorable Mentions – Dhgate Sunglasses Sellers

#32 – Luck Cat

Best DHgate Baby Products sellers 

DHgate Baby Products sellers


One of the best baby wear wholesalers on Dhgate is CNbabywholesale. They’ve got a great collection of baby wear, baby dresses, children’s clothes, frocks, tees and more. They have a 100% positive rating and over 7700+ sellers.



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