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May 2, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Blog

‘Home’ is that adobe where your soul relaxes! In terse it’s an integral entity of life and live chores. Therefore, an ideal home indicates ‘that’ place that overtly expresses who we are. And here grows the wittiest problem! Mirroring self-perception (i.e. playful, lively, or full of eternity) via home is not an easy task! There must be a symbiotic concatenation between your artistic mind and artifacts in order to do so. Most importantly, the selection of home decor picks should be most prudent which reciprocate what your soul says. Hence, you’ve to be very alert to several aspects during the decoration process, else your entire effort will not only be muddled up but will leave you in the middle of nowhere. 


As a solution to this mayhem, several interior design stores have proved their expertise over time. But among all, Pier 1 comes out to be most evident. With a continuous practice for 55 years, it scoops out a marvelous position as the top store for home furnishing and decors. From a massive pile of furnishing goods to artifacts to scented candles, the bevy of Pier 1 is indeed replete with fascinating collections. And the best part is it embellishes all of its collection as per seasons and trends. Therefore, skim through some of its top collections, handy at a good value.


The latest home decor trends at Pier 1

  1. Modern farmhouse collection and style

Pier 1 is truly a mesmerizing destination to avail the best look for your sweet abode. Be it imitating an ancient type or a contemporary one, you will be flooded with sundry home decor styles and ideas. The modern farmhouse decoration style is one of those. It recomposes the getup of a traditional countryside farmhouse under the backdrop of a suave, urban culture. The collection dominates with both vintage collections and wooden or iron famed decors burnished in a rustic finish. This vibe is notable in each of its collections, such as on-floor rugs, beds, storage, etc. All of these currently are accessible at up to an 80% discount. Therefore, if you want your drawing room to imbue with the countryside vibe of those Texas, or Dallas homes, keep pacing up with Pier 1.


Trending farmhouse decoration collection

Vintage farmhouse blue rug| $24.95Hornsea headboard| $307.95Rustic lift top plank set| $543.95
Black metal farmhouse wall clock| $165.41Farmhouse stone grey accent cabinet| $503.95Modern farmhouse writing desk| $710.95


  1. Pier 1 coastal collection

Flying off towards a Pacific coast or an Atlantic coast, either of these is not possible all the time. The reasons can be many. But you can spell the coastal vibe inside your drawing room or any other room without any restraint with Pier 1 which has just dislodged an intriguing home collection of coastal kinds. These enkindle wall decor, colorful artifacts, thread knit swing chairs, patio furniture, and so on. Since coastal lives are significantly smeared with colors and vitality, the imprint of these is distinctly notable across the collection. Therefore, in order to keep your bedroom lively and playful, a big wall poster of blue ocean waves or a few glass-made red seagulls are simply enough! 


Trending coastal decoration collection

Sea jewels wall art| $108.95Standing flamingo statue| $83.95Blue sea turtles| $77.95
Mermaid statue glowing lamp| $143.99Hammock hanging swing chair| $56.99Solid embroidery blue pillow cover| $43.99


  1. Intriguing boho home collection

A bohemian life or the countryside is full of layers–of life, boldness, nomadism, and indulgence. Therefore, boho styles are the most variegated. Understanding the basics of boho lives, you’ll experience a vivid expression of such traits inside Pier 1’s celestial of boho collection. From a bundle of countless bright hues on carpets, curtains to heavy wood DIY furniture–decorating any alcove of the home will make you feel enjoying the serene companionship between nature and nomadism.


Trending boho decoration collection

Bohemian flare vintage area rug| $77.95Modern boho acacia loveseat| $588.95Mid-century modern boho accent cabinet| $508.95
Boho coastal 6-piece chat set| $2,030.95Boho patch window curtain set| $68.95Boho flower pillow| $81.95


  1. Mid-century modern collection

If heavy, resonating, and classy mid-century gothic style furniture fascinates you out of all, Pier 1 won’t upset in this regard as well. Rather its behemoth of the mid-century modern collection has re-decked up in acquaintance with smart modern polish. Cabinets, storage, office desks, whatever you are affined with, the decent pile of all can be brought after at an extravaganza offer that encircles around 70% to 80%.


Trending mid-century modern collection

Sliding 52” door sideboard| $605.95Helton checksire cabinet| $535.95Cylindrical brass metallic buffet lamp| $365.95
Textured black wall mirror| $305.99Chunky geometric grey pillow cover| $40.75Shalcome 4 shelve bookcase| $457.95


  1. Pier 1 traditional collection

The cabinet of traditional home furnishings and decor at Pier 1 is without any experimentation. You’ll cherish a pure and integrated presence of ancient aesthetics throughout. However, at present, this exclusive cabinet is embellished more with splendid decor picks and artifacts such as wall lamps, floor lights, canvas wall posters, and a decent collection of scented candles. Etc. All these are marshaled in ample color variations and can be grabbed at decent price drops.


Trending mid-century modern collection

Autumn natural leaves giclee wall art| $70.95Pier 1 aspen floral candle| $20.95Mosaic vinyl set of 4 placements| $34.99
Nahal red rug| $53.95Brice wine-dark brown arm chair| $699.996-piece antique green woven floral placement set| $35.99


  1. The exclusive Spring collection

Spring is the time to mingle with symphonies of floral notes, amicability, and soulful laughter. Be it in the environment, or home interiors, the vibe is notable everywhere. Hence, Pier 1 does not also fall behind in laying out the effect of its furniture and decor items. From wall arts to floor carpets to furniture you’ll experience the seasonal abstraction throughout its whole collection. So, in case you’re hankering for a fresh makeover of your garden side study room, go for the trend without any doubt.


Trending spring collection

Succulent wall paint| $138.95Lemon bliss print wall cloth| $36.99Floral day wall paint| $84.95
Multi-colored cotton pillow| $70.99 4 Fontana navy-blue outdoor dining set| $983.95Geometric teal round table cloth| $37.99


  1. Pier 1 outdoor and patio furniture set

The cabinet for the outdoor and patio furniture set at Pier 1 is indeed enchanting and persuasive enough to push you a few grabs. This store is generally compiled with a huge stock of garden decor picks and patio furniture, available both in wooden and strong fiber. The striking fact out of all is that by inserting an exclusive promo code W3DN3D you’ll be reverted with a cashback worth 80% without facing any limitation.

Trending Outdoor collection

Fairy wine cork light bottle| $29.95Cobalt 3-piece planter set| $91.993 patio set| $414.95
Decorative Moroccan style blue glass lantern| $27.03Yellow artificial forsythia wreath| $55.99Multifaceted star colorful lantern| $68.99


So, these are trends presently making a high soar inside Pier 1. Despite these, there are some other trends namely mirror collection, artisan’s collection, etc twirling inside. You can skim through these as well. However, in one sentence, it can be said that Pier 1 juxtaposes all kinds of features to be the perfect home furnishing outlet with a commitment to embellish your dream home in the best possible ways. 


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