The best tasting protein bars- Adding flavour to health

April 12, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Blog

The best tasting protein bars- Adding flavor to health

Protein bars are always an impressive option when one has to deal with a small appetite, especially between meals, or after an arduous workout. Besides, these are the best traveling timepass. The key factor which separates a protein bar from a random market-based candy is hidden in its formula. That clearly entails a protein bar is a blended chewy of healthy nutrients that regains stamina without compromising the taste. Hence it’s an easy-to-grab energy refilling snack with zero side effects.


At supermarkets or online, you’ll observe a plethora of protein bars of vibrant brands, which have been processed with diversified elements. Although, all of these are a plunge of energy resources yet you may get confounded to pick the one as per your own taste and energy requirements. To stab all such chaos, you can try a protein snack of Built. The interesting fact is, that all protein munchies of Built are unlike a regular protein bar. They come in diverse flavors and packets. For Example; protein bar candy, protein muffins, cheesecake, and so on. Thereby, let’s take a smart enclosure on the most popular Built protein snacks that are loved by both bodybuilders and commoners.


Top protein bars and candies of Built

  1. Yellow puff chips

Whether for a regular course meal or small snack, everyone loves to spice up their taste buds with exotic flavors. However, the yellow puff chip is exactly not what we call an exotic flavor but it certainly blends some unique taste. Flavored with fresh lemon tart both in the puff and on the outer shell, the snack is indeed bliss for the taste buds to be awakened against insipid flavors. Above the outer shell, it’s coated with dusted sugar crystal. In brief, this 8gm protein bar that supplies a net calorie of 80cal is a power-packed rejuvenator of your energy and saliva buds.


  1. Blueberry muffin

For those who are fond of fresh, piquant, and exotic time pass snacks, the blueberry muffin is a definite suggestion for them. With a proportionate blending of garden-picked blueberries and choco cubes, the muffin just bursts with multitudes of tastes inside the mouth. In fact, your eyes will be bigger to biggest in every single bite. Despite the elements, the 50g muffin is a source of 140 cal, with the highest percentage of protein, 40%, followed by carb 7%, and 21% dietary fiber. 


  1. Raspberry cheesecake

If the sweet, and gummy fragrance of juicy raspberries drives you even during snack time, then you simply can’t overboard with this exclusive protein bar. The formula of its ingredients focuses on raspberry juices and sweet-salty cheese. The main surprise will reveal on your first bite. Because despite these two antipodal tastes you’ll tongue will enjoy a startling layer of dark chocolate. Simply you’ll just experience volcanoes of heavenly tastes on every munch. On the count of calories, the bar holds a total of 140 calories of energy with a significant protein concentration followed by carb, fiber, and a tiny saturated fat.


  1. Coconut puff marshmallow

The puff is indeed a candid one. Perhaps recrafting traditional taste with a coat of fresh one is the reason for its popularity. Infused with coconut, marshmallows, and chocolate, the puff is a showstopper!. Whether on a trip or in a window break at the gym, the puff is a true allrounder on every occasion. It encapsulates a net 140 calories with 17g net weight.

  1. Built’s puff banana cream pie

The zeal for banana-flavored energy boosters possesses an irreplaceable dignity since the beginning. Be it milkshake or energy refilling broth, the fervor remains intact. Being enriched with huge fiber content is the triggering factor behind it. Hence, the craze for the banana puff cream pie resembles the same reason. Despite whipped banana cream, the pie assimilates a rich ratio of white vanilla cream and milk chocolates. The overall calories consistency of the pie is 140 cal and it’s aceing refueling potency within minutes.


  1. Built’s ruby chocolate

This one is the latest launch by Built. The candy is a symphony of 100% raw chocolate and garden-fresh berries. Hence, you’ll be introduced to unique and distinct tastes on every single bite. The best part is its fruity fragrance that drives your hunger 100x higher. The net calorie content of the bar is 150 cal.


  1. Double chocolate

If you’re a passionate chocolate lover, then there isn’t any better option than this double chocolate candy in the midst of devouring your cravings. The main ingredient is 100% nature chocolate which balances a brilliant consistency of taste, flavor, texture, and obviously energy-boosting capacities. The total energy content of the bar is 130 calories against a 50gm bar.


  1. Mint brownie

The mint brownie is the ideal example of an exotic flavor. It is prepared with home-based cocoa powder and mint powders, taking you to another world of tastes, and flavor. At the same time, it’s an efficient source of energy as well. In total, you will consume a total of 130g calories from this energy bar.


  1. Cherry barcia

The flavor of the bar is as abstract as the name and so with its vibrant compounds. Basically, cherry barcia is a bar, made with a kitchen blend of sweet cherries and chocolates. It’s best to drive your child’s hunger. In the packet, a 130cal net energy is significant that devotes a notable proportion to protein worth 21%.


  1. Churro puffs

The puff bar is compounded with churros and chocolates. The combination has made up the bar not only as yummier but a hulk of energy source at the same time. Moreover, the cinnamon flavor helps to retrieve hunger simultaneously. The 40g bar contains a total of 140 cal on the total.


These are the list of a total of 10 popular protein bars, marketed by Built. You can buy in a singular form or as a complete box of these 10 or 12 bars. With this keep in mind that the yellow chirps, blueberry muffin, raspberry cheesecake, and ruby chocolate do hold limited stock. So you’ve to regularly scrawl through the site about their availability. 


On top of all parameters, all these bars are accessible at mind-blowing price drops under the ongoing event of sale at Built. So, stay tuned for the event. Who doesn’t want their grabs at the best price drops? So, keep refilling your feebling energy by paying a stinty amount! 


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