The 20 best things you can buy at Lululemon

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Lululemon is a store built on athleisure dreams. Yes, a lot of items may be overpriced and aspirational, but if something looks good and performs well, we can’t not recommend it. There’s nothing more iconic than a pair of black Lululemon leggings, and in our opinion, when you look good in the gym, you’ll actually feel more confident about your workout.

Lululemon has a ton of options and they don’t come cheap, so if you’re making an expensive purchase you’re going to want to make sure you’re buying something high-quality that will make your workout feel more comfortable. We scoured the site, read the reviews, and sought out the products we own and love to find the best items you can buy from Lululemon. Many of these items have survived our hot yoga classes, long runs, HIIT workouts, and more—and we looked fierce and fashionable while doing them.

Even though we haven’t tried everything on this list ourselves, based on what we have worn we’re confident that Lululemon puts out high-quality clothing. But it’s important to note that the brand does have odd and sometimes inconsistent sizing, sometimes varying between different styles of the same items, which can make shopping the store online somewhat stressful. Thankfully, if you’re worried about something not fitting quite right, Lululemon has a great return policy as well as a Quality Promise that says if something doesn’t perform right, you can return or exchange it.

Without further ado, here are the 20 best things you can buy at Lululemon.

1. Tried and true leggings

If you’re going to buy any pants at Lululemon, you have to start with Wunder Unders. This popular style of leggings is absolutely essential for anyone’s athleisure wardrobe. The high waistband keeps everything tucked in without digging into your skin, and the material might be the most comfortable thing you will ever wear.

The best part about Wunder Unders is how many styles they come in. I prefer the look of classic black leggings, but you can choose from a variety of lengths, styles, and colors for leggings that will match your workout look.

2. The best yoga mat we’ve ever tested

When it comes to suiting up for yoga class, not only does Lululemon have the clothes to make you look like a serious yogi, but they also have the best yoga mat money can buy. Seriously, we tested it for ourselves against all the other popular options. We loved how comfortable it is and that it has a completely non-slip surface, meaning you can still hold your downward down in even the sweatiest hot yoga class. It also looks absolutely gorgeous and comes in lovely colors and patterns for every aspiring yogi.

3. Leggings with a ‘naked’ feel

The only thing better than lounging around in leggings all day is lounging around without pants on in the comfort of your own home. The Align leggings give you the best of both worlds by promising a “naked sensation”—and they deliver. These leggings are literally buttery-soft and you won’t want to take them off. They’re just as ideal for yoga and barre as they are for a Netflix marathon or running errands.

4. A tank that shows off your sculpt

The Sculpt Tank just looks strong and powerful, which is exactly what you want during a tough workout. It’s comfortable and breathable, and the loose cut means it won’t rub against your skin while using free weights or doing push-ups. One of our coworkers loves this top so much that she has it in five different colors.

5. The perfect pair of running shorts

These are my go-to running shorts. At four inches long, they’re long enough to not give you a wedgie but still feel loose when running. There’s also a decent sized pocket to hold keys, long run fuel, and credit cards. These shorts look great in black, but Lululemon’s always adding new colors and patterns, so you can update your gym look with the seasons.

6. A racerback that doesn’t smell

This simple tank was made with heavy sweating in mind. It uses Silverescent technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria well after your workout, which makes it ideal for extra sweaty activities like running or spinning. Not going to lie, I’ve re-worn this top when I was low on laundry and it did not stink during my second workout.

7. Shorts that are super airy

For a lighter feel during long runs, opt for the Speed Up Short. At 2.5 inches long, it gives you coverage without feeling weighed down by heavy shorts. Despite their small size, these shorts come with a ton of storage with front two gel pockets and a secure zippered pocket at the back of the waistband.

8. Stretchy shorts with room to breathe

With a stretchy waistband and a front pocket for storage, these roomy shorts were made for everything from running to a HIIT workout to tennis lessons. What I love most about these shorts is that they allow you to move without being too loose, so you won’t have to pull your shorts up after every burpee. Plus, they come in so many fun colors and patterns.

9. A sports bra that keeps everything in place

Friends and Lulu-lovers have told me that this bra is great for gals will bigger boobs and say it keeps everything in place no matter the activity. The thick, soft straps won’t cause chafing on longer runs and will keep “the girls” from falling out during downward dog and jump squats.

10. Leggings for the long run

The worst part about running in leggings is when they slide down as you move and you find yourself constantly pulling them back up. These ones have a tight fit, meaning they won’t slowly creep down your waist during a run. Even better: they’re made of sweat-wicking material and have a decent-sized pocket that can hold your phone or other accessories.

11. Our favorite workout headbands

Fun fact: Before I could afford actual Lululemon clothes in high school, I would go into the store and exclusively purchase their $12 headbands just for label’s sake. That seems silly to me now, but these headbands are actually great. They come in gorgeous patterns, actually stay on your head, and keep flyaway hairs out of your face during even the toughest of workouts.

12. A simple sweat-wicking shirt

From a pickup game of basketball to a quick jog, this simple t-shirt was designed for every activity. It’s breathable, is made with Silverescent technology to prevent stinky clothes, and comes in a ton of basic colors to match whatever you’re wearing.

13. Cropped leggings that were built for speed

These running leggings have a ton of storage, making them great for longer runs and marathon training. There’s a side pocket for your phone, a front pocket for your energy chews, and a back waist pocket for your keys and cards. So not only do you get a snug fit, but you also won’t need to worry about strapping on extra gear to carry everything with you.

14. A linerless short for every activity

These shorts are great for guys who are looking for a versatile pair of shorts that is suitable for different workouts. They not only have a loose, weightless feel that makes them comfortable for activities like running and yoga, but they also are durable enough for more strenuous exercises like squats and lunges.

15. A long-sleeve shirt that will still keep you cool

If you’ve been looking for the perfect shirt to wear on those brisk, early morning runs, look no further. This long-sleeve shirt will keep you warm while we transition into summer, but it also has moisture-wicking, anti-stink properties to keep you cool and smelling fresh when you break a sweat. The breathable, mesh fabric also ensures proper ventilation and minimal chafing.

16. A tank with ultra breathability

Lululemon’s metal vent tech tanks are man’s best friend when it comes to jogging. The surge version is lightweight, soft, and dries quickly, so you don’t have to worry about it clinging or bunching in the middle of your sweat sesh. It also features strategically placed holes along the chest and back so that those areas receive maximum airflow. Trust us, it’s the next best thing to running shirtless.

17. Lined shorts to keep the goods secure

The feeling of your workout clothes riding up can easily ruin a gym session. These comfy men’s shorts will move with you and they include a liner to keep everything in place, eliminating the need to also wear compression shorts or briefs. They even have handy front and back pockets that make it much easier to lug your phone, keys, or whatever other items you need to and from each exercise machine.

18. A stylish jacket to protect you from light rain

When heading outside for a rainy run or workout, you’re going to want a jacket that keeps you dry but won’t overheat you. The Goal Smasher Jacket does just that with a light and breathable but still water-repellent fabric. It has a removable hood, plenty of pockets for storage, and back ventilation for airflow.

19. A colorful medium-impact sports bra

This sports bra first came on my radar when a fitness blogger recommended it as a great sports bra for those with large “ta-tas.” It has a gorgeous looped detailing in the back and doesn’t have claps as the Enlite Sports Bra does. Plus, it still has the support you need to keep everything in place through an energetic circuit class or a twisting yoga flow.

20. This cozy fleece jacket for brisk mornings

Even if you tend to sweat during your morning run, it’s nice to have a warm fleece during chilly winter mornings that dip into the teens and below. This fleece from Lululemon has nearly 1,400 reviews, comes with thumb holes, and—get this—a zipper that doubles as an emergency hair tie.

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