Sophia Bogle unveils the secrets of book restoration

August 27, 2019 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Books

Sophia Bogle is a book restorer who has taken a new direction in her career. She has just written a book called Book Restoration Unveiled, which is part of her desire to make book restoration accessible to everyone. Sophia has more than 25 years of hands-on experience restoring books, but was prompted to begin sharing her skills and knowledge after suffering an injury. Our podcast interview sheds light on Sophia’s clientele, her materials and tools, the beautiful and valuable books she has restored, the most common repair requests, and the peculiar terminology of the industry. Book Restoration Unveiled explains book restoration through case studies, illustrations, and interviews with clients and people in the industry. Sophia – who lives and works in Ashland, Oregon – explains why things are done in a certain way, and offers lots of context and background.You can also find her on YouTube where her Save Your Books channel offers interesting videos where you can see Sophia at work, restoring books in her studio. Her website also hosts numerous online courses and more useful information. Book Restoration Unveiled is also available through Sophia’s website and she is offering a 10% off coupon to listeners of our Behind the Bookshelves podcast. Use BTB in her checkout.
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