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February 7, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ OnBuy

What exactly is OnBuy about? Everyone is poked by the question! The main reason behind the curtain is its incredible market plan–that is worth a total £5 million. Of which a flat 20% is devoted to primitive TV collections, including Apple’s ITV!. Hence, if you think every marketplace except Amazon is utterly useless, it’s time to reconsider your perception. And OnBuy undertakes a generous volunteership in this regard and is eventually acclaimed as “The Fastest Growing Online Marketplace” in the UK and across the globe. 


Since, the first day OnBuy scores an imminent global record regarding the global traffic that calculates approximately 25,000/ month and a total of 2.5 million unique visitors over the last two years. So, let’s delve into more detail to catch up a lucid idea whether securing part of the £2bn sales target by 2024 should be in your plans


The main principle of OnBuy is intricate with its transparency, that remains unbiased to both its buyer and seller. For the buyer, competitive prices are derived from the OnBuy’s low selling fees that ranges between 5% and 9%. Buyers can also compare shipping costs and times, seller reviews, and returns from different sellers to make sure they’re getting the best deal.


On the sales side, OnBuy displays a product catalog model, like Amazon, with sellers competing with a single listing. To note that unlike Amazon, OnBuy does not push, stock, or sell its own products in competition with third-party sellers. So in brief, it’s a real market and a more level playing field, since you’re not against the owner.


Putting your bucks into OnBuy’s cashbox is completely without any risk, as OnBuy has a sales guarantee for entry-level ‘standard seller’ account holders, whereby they will waive your fees for the following month. if you sell less than £500 in each month that you are live. You also be assured with a dedicated account manager and access to the UK-based support team. Additionally get connected with PayPal and there’s financial protection on both sides of the transaction. Apart from these, you get paid when the order ships, which seems to be unique among B2C marketplaces.


As OnBuy is not a retailing platform, it yields traffic only for sellers, which can be of any genre; new traffic, or stealing market share in other markets. However, the website trims a tiny portion of its sales commission and further invests into paid traffic from Google and Bing Shopping, as well as in other comparison shopping sites, through remarketing and targeted ads.


It is also further supported by a team of content and SEO specialists – both inside and outside OnBuy – to work on the organic side with a focus on steady increase of traffic and betterizing the shopping experience. This is primarily about inbound blog content and optimizing landing pages for products, categories, and brands in the marketplace itself.


Still need data driven evidence to be credible more on OnBuy’s system and service? Well, here you go! It decks up more than 24 million products in thousands of product categories and subcategories till July 2020 (which certainly has been doubled up today), and 8 million shoppers split roughly 50-50 between women and men, and 80% of whom are aged 25. at age 64. Over 5,000 sellers enjoy an average order value of £78, with purchases coming almost 60% from mobile, just over a quarter from desktop and 14% from tablet.


OnBuy also operates a deals platform, promoting discounted products on the website, on social media and through email that showed an extensive subscriber database of nearly a quarter of 1 million till now. To qualify for offers, your items must be new or refurbished, offer a savings of at least 5% off the current price, and have a stock level of at least 30.


Sellers can further market their products with Boost, through which  they can monitor the range of additional visibility they want. Additional sales enhances product ranking, that leads to better placement organically, even if the seller stops boosting. It’s also to note that sellers only pay for Boost if their product sells. It’s not a per-click or per-impression model, so this “no sale, no fee Boost” is another feather in the ceiling for OnBuy and a boon for sellers.


Lastly, like Amazon, sellers who manufacture their own products enjoy brand protection benefits via OnBuy. These include exclusivity and customization options, with brand comparison reports.

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