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An avid British runner is well aware of the best season for a long railed marathon. Undoubtedly it is summer, which has already taken its grand entry. To moon the season with a more amicable note and smelting up an athlete’s longing for a long, non-stop running event, the premier store Lululemon refurbishes its athleisures’ closet with a completely fresh collection. 


The entire closet has been made accessible by both men and women and each product is being designed after considering rigorous scientific research. The best part is that all the sports gear; be it footwear or apparel, is apt to pace up with both corpus and outer temperature in the midst of an active event. Hence, for this summer, before sliding your feet into running shoes and top, let’s take a quick traverse on the latest launch of Lululemon. 


Shopping tips for sports apparel for the Summer

Shopping tips for sports apparel do vary as per season. Thereby, for this summer as well you should be aware of the following guidelines. 

  1. Follow a 15-degree shopping rule

This is because continuous friction gets created between the body and the outer environment while running. This gradually shoots up the corpus temperature to 15-degree higher. So, be it footwear or apparel, ensure these are airy and breathable enough.


  1. Be attentive to your running shoe

Since your body would crazily be sweated after a really long run, take your shoe seriously else you’ve to suffer the consequences later. Let the sole be bouncy and rubber made while the upper body as mesh weaved to regulate enough ventilation.


  1. Choose sweat-wicking apparel with more pockets

Never choose cotton clothes, if you don’t want to catch a serious cold and runny nose at the end of the event. Rather let the apparel be perfectly sweat-proof and have inside meshes. Lastly, check the number of pockets that can carry your essential docs namely your id card, wristwatch, etc.


Note: Glance through these tips above prior to your shopping, especially if you are a novice runner.  


Lululemon running gears for women

The physical configuration of men and women is completely mirror to each other. And paying a sharp eye to the difference, Lulumenon tailors and imparts women’s sports essentials into four sections. Which are as follows.

Running Tops

There are three main hinge points in a women’s body; the lower neck, bra line, and upper part of the navel (umbilicus). One must choose a running top considering these three aspects to avoid rashes or bruises further. For summer, the ideal top should be baggy, made up with perforated fabrics, or sweat-absorbing clothes so that there remains enough air circulation while running.


Top recommended tops for summer


Sports Bra

Having the most unwanted eerie feeling during running is what women are most scared about, isn’t so? Therefore, this year before you hit the ground of the marathon be super finicky about your bra set. Here is one best recommendation that is being picked up just for you! 

Serene bra longline| £48

The bra accords a full C/D coverage and wide straps that become efficient to pull as well as keep the bodyweight in place throughout the motion. Moreover, it is made up of hypoallergenic materials. 


Sports Leggings

In order to count miles after miles tirelessly, despite the upper body apparel, the selection of shorts and tights should be perfect at the same time. Hence, choose those which are apt to keep the leg muscles toned, firmed, and devoid of suffocative feeling. The latest Lululemon launch, the Invincible can be your true triumph to accompany you counting non-stop miles. Each of these leggings is made up of sleek, body-hugging, and soft fabric which adheres to a 3/4th coverage. Moreover, you’ll experience a feathery feeling after donning it.


Top recommended sports leggings for Summer


Running Shoes

Hold the ground with a strong foothold on your entire course of running. In this regard, Lululemon is about to introduce its latest running footwear series the Blissful, which is meant to be for a long relentless run! Engineered with 3D mesh and ultra bouncing rubber sole, the pair could be a flawless choice for ardent runners. With a pointy fore sole to boost up speed, and an extra gripping layer to mitigate bumpy ground friction a pair of the Blissful solemnly bears the name. So, get set ready to shop once it gets launched.


Lululemon Running Gears For Men

The sports of men at Lululemon are imparted into two types tops and shorts. And likewise, the womens’ galore, all men’s running gears as well have made through after surpassing extensive research. 


Running Tops

The running tops of men have been showcased in 3 basic styles;  half sleeve, full sleeve, and tank tops. Each of these is weaved with feathery fabric that keeps the body cool and airy throughout the rigorous participation. All these tops are also potential sweat absorbent and odor-proof.


Top recommended mens running tops


Men’s technical shorts

To amp up the passion of long track running without taking a respite, men’s technical shorts of Lululemon flaunts all the potential to be a perfect purchase. Made up of lightweight fabric, all the shorts are highly stretchable and temperature regulative. Striding miles after miles would be super facile, donning any of its technical shorts.


Top recommended technical shorts


Luluelmon running accessories

Continuing an event of a marathon or a similar one is just impossible without carrying out relevant accessories. For instance, a summer cap, sunglass, running socks, and most importantly water bottles or sippers are crucial to bag in before hitchkickout from the house. In case you downplay their importance get ready to bear painful consequences afterward. Thus, never miss peeking inside Lulumenon’s running accessories collection and pick the ones as per your own requirements. 


Tamper the ground down your sole via a long day or night event marathon. And hereby don’t be indifferent taking the quotient of the season and its impact. So, better accessorize yourself properly and take the leap afterward! All the best! 

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