Get Flat 10% Off On Sensational Short Breaks & Summer Holidays With Caledonian Travel

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As summer has grown full-fledged it’s no wonder your soul has been lured by one another spectacular itineration. Cheer up and relax, because Caledonian Travel covers you from all sides. Rolling upon vast and gentle pasturelands, immersing yourself in serene tranquillity along a quiet British coast or just indulging in the busy city life of London— whatever your soul rushes after for a relaxing holiday gateway Caledonian always tops prescribing the best placebo and assures an unfathomable holiday comfort. Therefore, this summer striding with a more reliable and more intense approach to healing your tired soul like a gentle breeze, Caledonian Travel unlocks bundles of sensational short breaks and breathtaking summer holidays at great deals as usual. And the best part is, you will be given a 10% discount instantly while processing the booking itself. So, pack your bags, it’s time to step out! 

Caledonian Travel Short Breaks & Summer Holiday Deals| Unlock The Best Ones

Being a legacy as the best travel partner across the whole of Scotland, England, and Yorkshire for the last 30 years, Caledonian Travel still maintains its pride in assorting rip-roaring short breaks and holiday deals. Thus, summer is not out of this venture as usual. However, the entire holiday calendar is divided into two formats; Breaks that last in 2, 3, and 4 days and Holidays that range from 5 to 14 days. While the whole budget plan can easily be wrapped inside pockets still the least of it starts from £59 only. 

Caledonian Travel Short Breaks 2-Day Deals

The 2-day short break deals at Caledonian generally roam across the mainland Glassgow and other major UK peripheries which are of versatile importance; historic, surprise, etc. The whole tour generally gets accomplished by bus with pre-prescribed pick-up and drop points. Generally, one single place is included within the deal and booking must be accomplished within the mentioned time in order to redeem the discount. The places of utmost importance under the deal are as follows.

Places Of AttractionsScheduled CommencementOffer Announced 
Liverpool City CelebrationsFri, March 17, 2023£83.66 web offer
Harry Potter Studio TourSat, March 18, 2023£119.00 web offer
Historic York & LeedsSat, March 18, 2023£69 web offer
Emmerdale– The Village TourSat, March 18, 2023£113.05 web offer

Caledonian Short Breaks 3 & 4-Day Deals

3-day and 4-day short breaks are quite extended, hence avail a profound heart-winning travel experience. The trip includes iconic Caledonian coach tours and itinerary splendours such as the club enclosure gold cup, Llandudno grand tribute party, etc. 

Places Of AttractionsScheduled CommencementOffer Announced 
Cheltenham Gold Cup Spl.Thu, March 16, 2023£179.00 web offer
Llandudno Spl. at RishoboFri, March 17, 2023£119.00 web offer
Blackpool &The Illegal EaglesFri, March 17, 2023£196.46 web offer
Torquay Spl. At The ThorbayFri March 17, 2023£149.00 web offer

Caledonian Summer Holiday Deals

The summer holiday deals come in bundles and cover all major tourist attractions across the UK. The travel duration starts from 5 days and continues till 15 days. From the classic Caledonian coach tours and detailed sightseeing across the city and its peripheries, everything is included in each Caledonian holiday package.

Places Of AttractionsScheduled CommencementOffer Announced 
Cotswold Leisure At The Royal CourMon, March 20, 2023£199.00 web offer
Llandudno Spl. At BaytreeMon, March 20, 2023£217.99 web offer
The Baniffshire CoastMon, March 20, 2023£179.00 web offer
Beautiful Scotland Incl. TourMon, March 20, 2023£224.66 web offer

How To Access Short Breaks & Summer Holiday Deals Via Caledonian Travel Promo Code?

Since the central imperative of Caledonian Travel is to facilitate travellers amusing a lifetime itinerary experience without being worried about the budget it keeps on releasing bundles of entangling holiday travel deals all year round. Therefore, the privilege is intact during the summer months as well. Therefore, know the essential hacks before activating Caledonian Travel short break deals.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Caledonian Travel and look for the short break deals.

Step 2: click on the Mystery Weekends Packages starting from £59 or 10% off promo

Step 3: Explore the available breaks and packages and choose the one meets your requirement

Step 4: Verify the last date of activation of the corresponding deal

Step 5: Employ promo code as per the validation date, i.e., 

  • If the last date of a deal is March use MA10
  • If the last date of the deal is April then use AP10

Step 6: Complete the transaction and enjoy a 10% instant discount

**To find the next holiday deals beforehand click here.

List Of Additional Perks Offered By Caledonian Travel Apart From Regular Deals

Apart from regular deals there are plenty of more reasons to make Caledonian Travel your one-stop travel booking gateway. The main reasons have been comprised below in a nutshell. 

Minimum booking Value: A minimum to negligible booking waiver is carried out for all deals

Crazy promo codes and deals: These are active on all types of gateways 365 days a year

Sensational ranges of short breaks and holiday packages: Starts with a basic range as low as 100

Enthralling rewards and perks: Which includes 

  • Free travel insurance and 100% travel safety
  • Direct coach travel and sensational value offer
  • Custom preference of seats while booking for buses
  • Exclusive group travel discounts

Last-minute deals & price match guarantee: which are kept active more or less for 365 days

Keep your travel planner sorted and start booking with Caledonian Travel. Trust me, both your pockets and soul would be succoured with the best comfort and seamless serenity. So, cheer up and get ready to witness an inexplicably enchanting holiday gateway across all corners of the UK. Henceforth, enjoy and keep roaming.

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