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Cooking is not just a practice to meet survival needs but more than that. Cooking is the practice of aesthetics and the science of blending and proportion. Thus for a lot, this particular chore is a matter of devotion. Here comes another aspect, we all know that any beautiful outcome is an amalgamation of vibrant collaborative impact factors where the surrounding environment plays a rivalry role. And it is obviously the same for cooking as well where open and pristine kitchen space is an integral part of the whole set. Being indolent to it may discourage one’s finicky towards cooking and sauteing. Thus, refreshing one’s kitchen space and letting it appear serene is what we must also consider.

However, KitchenAid carries forth an endeavor to decoring your kitchen space to the next level. With its gorgeous tiles of suites, you can renovate the entire space and adhere to a cohesive sparking look and glamour. With a collaborative showstopper collection of kitchen appliances, which distinctly vary from each suite, your kitchen will indeed be a jewel of your house while accompanied by KitchenAid. Thus, before being affixed with a suite style, it’s better to have a thorough outlook on the available types and what matches best. Let’s check it out then.

A. KitchenAid suites collections| The reasons behind the idea

Why the suites? It’s okay to be pricked by the question while adhering to a distinct gate up to the kitchen. However, there are mainly 3 triggering reasons in the backdrop. These are…


A good-looking, wide-spaced kitchen lets your soul be imbued with it and get the quality feel. Thus sparkling glam and premium fit encourage even a cooking-averse person to enhance his/her skill.

Modern appearance and elevated style

Sleek look and compactness are DNAs when it comes to decoring the kitchen. And KitchenAid just nails the strategy through unveiling timeless modernity that is swiftly pliable and applicable to all suites.

Thoughtful details and risk management

Playing with fire is not a child’s game. But KitchenAid assures extra protection to its appliances, especially on oven knobs that blend beauty and care with utmost care.

B. What about the styles?…

KitchenAid caters to two suite styles which are open to further personalization regardless of the whole idea or outline. These are…

Serene Colorful 
An artistic cocktail between an urbane kitchen and rustic countryside. Hence, you will notice the predominance of steel appliances surrounded by plants and natural artifacts. Curated and stuffed with modern and sleek appliances and design pieces. The entire touch bespoke a clear-cut urban life. From cooking set to entertainer, everywhere the same touch exists. 

C. Types of suites and inclusions

Now its’ time to propel a glance at the types of suites KitchenAid features and what it enlists within. There are a total of 4 suites featured by the brand which portrays assimilations of diverse design outlooks. Each suite is all essential kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, gas burners, and accessories, ovens and bakers, microwaves, and dishwashers. The only difference among all is the finish and sleekness. Below is a short description of all that is carried forward. Take a look.

1. Clean & Classic| KitchenAid essential suite

Clean and classic embraces a slim and decent decoration style regardless of a heavy and over-congested one. The major inclusions consist of a french door refrigerator, a 5-electric convection oven, a steel 46 DBA dishwasher, and a 1000-wt microwave oven. All are galvanized with a silver finish, hence propelling a grey-finish sleek look to the kitchen. Thus the set is perfect for those who lean more on a slim and limited decoration in their cooking space.

Product details and features

Counter-depth french door refrigeratorPrice: $2,799.00Key featuresExtendFresh™ Temperature Management SystemInterior Water DispenserProduce PreserverHumidity-Controlled CrispersFreshChill™ Temperature-Controlled Full-Width Pantry5-burner gas convection rangePrice: $1,199.00Key features Even-Heat™ True Convection5.8 Cu. Ft. Oven Capacity5 burners (5k, 8k, 9.5k, 15k, and 18k) and removable griddleEasyConvect™ Conversion SystemStorage Drawer
46-DBA ProWash dishwasherPrice: $949Key features:PrintShield™ FinishProWash™ CycleDurable Stainless Steel InteriorHeat Dry OptionSatinGlide® Max Rails (Upper Rack)1000-watt microwavePrice: $549Key features:Sensor FunctionsCookshield Finish1000 Watts Power3-Speed 400 CFM Motor Class Ventilation SystemSensor Steam/Simmer Cook Cycle

2. Modern & Melody| KitchenAid upgrade suite

The suite knots suavity and essentiality through a note of symphony— of life, livelihood, and balance. Thus, the classic set is painted all in an opaque dark hue of grey. The inclusions resemble the clean and classic sect, except with fewer additions. These are an exterior coop for ice and water– pocketed on the french door refrigerator, flexibility of the dishwasher to hold additional weight and clean these with equal emphasis. For more details, you can make a personal inspection at this coop itself.

3. Sleek & Refined| KitchenAid premier suite

The title itself indicates what the suite reveals. Embellished with dark platinum each of the included appliances proves the highest potency and performance in terms of features and functionality. Keeping the total count of appliances the same, the number of features has been increased here. For example, the french door refrigerator is equipped with 5 doors and some extra potencies, a 5-burner convection range oven with provided extra sturdy stainless steel racks, etc. This suite is the most studied one out of all and reveals a sleek design.

4. The suite for entertaining

The suite for entertaining is geared up with all those materials required for relaxation. This section is equipped and well-dressed with beverage centers, bar-racks, wine cellars, undercut refrigerators, and ice makers. Shoppers are free to pick and compile everything as per their choice. Explore the suite for more.

So, got an idea of what’s special about KitchenAid’s classic suites and designs? Thereby, choose one and layer up your kitchen’s glam blending decency, smartness, and sleek designs altogether. Live a better life. Enjoy. 

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