Pointed crotch men’s leather shoes Guaranteed good quality, quality that you should have.

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‘Men’s leather shoes’ is another item that many men dream of having Because it wants to mix and match to match with fashion Or will be used to add formality to the leather shoes Is still the right answer for a young boy, big boy anyway, but this men’s leather shoes What brands do we guarantee that there are quality? The answer is waiting at the next line.


Old England shoe brand Established since 1873 on classic and quality, not to mention This name has been accepted by everyone for more than 100 years and then gives a luxurious feeling. Looks tasteful and formal Is a brand Easy to clean shoes

Hush puppies

Hush Puppies has a deep foundation in innovation – from the invention of men’s leather shoes to wearing Which is truly comfortable to wear To be able to apply for a patent on many new technologies that make shoes comfortable to wear, lightweight and without worrying about It also strives to develop the comfort that makes Hush Puppies famous. Until able to bring a variety of cutting-edge technology to shoes currently on sale. Waterproof, smudge and scratches

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens, the famous shoe brand from England that many people know well, is a boot that focuses on cool design based on the style of the brand. The shoes are made of premium grade leather. The sole uses quality rubber. Helps to increase the comfort in walking Available in both red and black colors.


Men’s leather shoes designed in various styles, whether classic, elegant, with leather insole Able to ventilate well The patented technology, Geox Cuoio, makes the leather used in the sole to be waterproof and effective in casual style. Which is suitable for playing sports or for a walk on busy days The design is inspired by new fashion trends and comes with rubber outsoles. With the ability to ventilate, control the temperature in the shoes while wearing To the right temperature and water protection



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