On Sale — Up To 50% Off – Savings you’ll love in most popular categories!

May 10, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Blog

On Sale — Up To 50% Off – Savings you’ll love in the most popular categories!

Questing for the best commodity-based supermart in the country? Head inside LTD Commodities without a second thought! Over the last 50 years, the store is incessantly serving the country with quality goods without a pause and eventually becomes addressed as the best supply-chain market in the USA. 


The pivotal focus of the store is not just to distribute superior products under lucrative budgets but at the same time, it also works as an impressive host of premium superstores (such as Walmart, Home Depot, Walgreens, Best Buy, etc) with their exclusive products. And for the stake of ongoing summer, the store has put up some events of sales with humongous price drops; up to or more than 50%. So, furniture, home decor, garden supplies, or whatever your needs are come let’s delve inside LTD and explore what it has swayed especially for these sale events. 


LTD Commodities| Exclusive events of sale

LTD has categorized the price drop events under various conditions. While the minimal scale of products starts below $10, the highest range of discount is 50% as of now. The details have been revealed below one by one. Stay tuned.


  1. The half-price store| Save flat 50%

Bringing home a complete set of furniture or bedroom set completely at half prices? Yes, it’s possible. With the half-price event of LTD Commodities, a flat 50% discount is being offered to all major embedded stores namely bed and bath, home decor essentials, kitchen and dining, and bed and bath essentials. All the products can be accessed without promo codes and free shipping would be auto-provided to qualified orders above $79. Fetch a smart overview of the enlisted categories.


Bed & bath essentials starting from $2.99

The closet of bedding and bath mainly piles all those essentials which we need on regular basis. From tiny-winy products to colossal ones, the display of the closet is imbued with versatile arrays of products. All these products are not just of fine qualities but will spell a fresh vibe inside your house. Products that are trending now are bed sheets, curtains, printed shower towels, bathroom accessories, and more. The minimum price scale starts from $2.99 and the maximum raises up to $100. Also, remember no bar against multiple redemptions against a product is there.


Top inclusions of bed & bath essentials

Short panel blackout curtain Price range is $7.99- $22.99
54”x64” oversized beach towelsAvailable at $16.69
Greenbrook embroidered quilt collection Shop at $5.49-$47.99
5-Pc drawer organizer set Available at $5.99
Rose garden comforter ensemble $8.99-$39.99


Home Decor picks start below $2

Part of the home decor collection resembles with bed and bath collection, and rest is distinct. It also features a vertex of diverse products of multiple usages. Starting from small talismans to copious artefacts, the section truly encompasses a vigorous collection starting below $2.


Trending home decor picks are as follows

Lighted American gnomes Available between $7.99- $11.99
Coastal laundry collection Ranges between $4.99- $29.99
Lighted canvas manson wall artStarts at $7.99- $9.99
Foldable metal icon tables and chairs Shop at $29.99- $49.99
Critter candleholders Price ranges between $6.49- $6.99


Kitchen and dining essentials start from $4.99

Running out a household and kitchen without essential supplements is just impossible. In fact, these are the core necessities to accomplish every day’s cooking and all. LTD showcases an immense range of kitchen goods including culinary, crockeries, cutting elements, dinner, serving plates, kitchen cleaning supplies, and many more at the cheapest prices. All these are tagged up to 50% discounts at this spell. However, remember that the event is active only for a few more days. So, unlock it as fast as you can before it surpasses.


Trending kitchen and dining essentials

Set of kitchen tools Available from $2.99- $5.99
Outdoor drinkware Available price is $8.99- $19.99
Lemon drop paper dinnerware Shop at $6.49- $6.99
Casserole and cooker carrier Price ranges between $5.97-$10.99
Roll up over-the-sink dish rack Shop at $9.99


Furniture sets start from $10

Unlike other stores, the bevy of furniture at LTD is quite abstract. It mainly showcases various ranges of patio furniture and foldable ones. Such as patio chairs tables, swing chairs, foldable wardrobes, and vice-versa. Major advantages of such furniture are, that these are portable and glimmer a chic look that stunningly dazzles up your garden’s look. 


Best-selling furniture on trends is as follows

Outdoor cushion collection Available at $14.99- $25.99
Hummock chair strands or stripped hanging chairsShop at $6.99- $74.99
Wall-mounted quilt rack with shelf Available at $23.99-$29.99
Faux leather storage Ottomans or benches Purchase at $23.99-$42.99
Wire storage side with removable table tops Shop at $34.99


LTD offer on garden essentials| Buy 3 Save $1

Not just the half-price store, LTD keeps many more twisted & tricky offers for the shoppers that push them for ultimate savings. Take the example of the garden essentials (i.e. plants and flowers). Shoppers will save $1 on a total of 3 orders without employing any promo code. The category includes saplings, plants, bulbs, and seeds. The offer is applicable to all enlisted species and seeds qualities without setting any bar. Free standard doorstep delivery would be provided above $79. However, a total of $5 will be charged against the total order amount of $59. Take a glance at the top-selling plants and flower species that are trending now.


Berry white hydrangea Shop at $14.99
Poppy drop and grow seedbalzAvailable at $11.99
3-Pc rainbow hummingbird mint  Shop at $14.99
3-Pc pacific blue hens and chicks Grab at $14.99
2-pc old fashioned bleeding hearts Available at $12.99


What else is there?

If you assume only this much LTD puts up to its discount events, then you’re definitely making a big mistake. In reality, the store enables several other witty hacks to grab maximum savings. These are as follows.


  1. LTD sign-up savings 

LTD avails a separate list for new users which is full of jam-packed offers. These include extra cashback, free shipping, returns, and so many other offers. Look down below for a better understanding.

  • Get 10% cashback from more than 1000 embedded retailers 
  • Enjoy 5% extra cashback upon grocery shopping
  • Free shipping and return (time inclusive) on all orders 
  • 7 days of free trial on the shipping policies 


  1. Register with LTD’s newsletter and keep on gleaning exclusive perks
  2. Grab a 25% flat discount on ceratin products via an exclusive promo code. 


So, this is what is swirling inside LTD commodities as of now. If you’ve any plan to arrange a refreshing makeover for your house, head inside the store and make holistic use of the ongoing events. Hurry up! Else you’ll miss the event! 

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