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January 3, 2020 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ NokAir

NokAir is one of the airlines that provide cost effective services to its clients around Thailand. It covers a wide range of destinations within different nations such as Samui, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. It functions as an independent international network for airlines. The services provided by Nokair work within the system functioning of aircrafts. This airline gives its services widely within the domestic sector. The airline gives clients inviting characteristics on travel charges. Jobs creation featured with years. With the first service period, employed workers hit the 130 mark. This number later increased to about 1400.


Nokair flights came to existence the year 2004 within the second month of the year. Its operations commenced within the same year at around the month of July on 23rd. This airline employed 130 workers in the year 2007. The number of workers increased to 1400 from 2014. Services for international flights started in May around 2007 where NokAir made its daily services to countries that included India and Bangalore.

Domestic flights were the most popular services for NokAir around Thailand, which led to positive outcome. From around 2013, NokAir made a lot of profits and growth progress. Creation of this airline immencely improved its services freely internationally. These improvements led to differences between the shareholders for the control of the airline. Decision on control of the airline becomes difficult as sales dropped.

The airline was not able to get shares from some companies to improve on its sales. At around 2014, NokAir airline and Scoot collaborated to form an airline that mostly dealt with regional services. 


NokAir contains aircrafts fleet that sum up 20. They offer services to its clients at the best and most effective level across different nations. The airline has aircrafts like 737-800 Boeing, which has around 189 carriers. Other services for the airline go through the ATR72-500, which contains 66 carriers and a Q400 servicing 86 carriers.


NokAir has received recognition for the great flight services, which has earned it different awards in the years of its operation. These include:

–          Award winning for the world best provision and cost effective services within Asia in the year 2012.

–          In the year 2013, this airline was able to get another award for its cost effective services in Asia.

–          The same award for cost efficiency landed to the NokAir airline in 2014.

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Routes and Destinations

This airline has recently grown attracting many countries interests in Malaysia, Bangkok including China, which is among the international airlines. Having a great influence on domestic services, it has been able to cover at least 24 regions within its flights. This guarantees its clients the most affective aircraft services.   

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