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September 5, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Blog

Welcome to Linio, the transcendence online e-commerce marketplace where your shopping craving gets satiated at a meteoric speed! So, keep your wishlist ready right by your fingertips. For once you step inside the store you’ll be drowned with peers and options. Therefore, better to deter any humdrum be sorted with your list right now. 

Starting in Mexico, 2012 Linio has profuse well across Latin America today with quite a notable stores in Columbia, Chile, and Peru. Albeit addressed as a galaxy of electronic goods and premium electronic brands but eventually Linio has expanded its capacity and started swaying all niches of consumer products namely fashion, home, outdoor, kitchen essentials, and so forth. As per its own archive, Linio is amassed with more than 4M products in its orbit, has delivered 10M+ products, and is loved by 6M+ LINFANS. In fact, as per the present scenario, Linio has made more than 30 billion Columbian pesos revenue. The best part is, despite being a credible gateway for buyers Linio does also notch out a mesmerizing window for the sellers. Therefore, let’s undertake a quick overview of Linio and its peers.

Why Linio? List Of Facilities…

The first and foremost question is, why should anyone choose Linio? Well, the answers are presented below in a tabular format. Take a look.

Safe, and agile shopping. A warehouse of millions of brands and products under one roof. Super speed delivery service which often comes at free of cost
Easy-to-connect one-on-one customer service both for buying and selling 100% secured and SSL encrypted payment facilities 

Additional perks

Linio is teamed up with numerous bank partners and transactional windows that make the whole of its system more cognizable and transparent. Among other banks, Banco Fabella is one of its most endorsed financial partners. In fact, a large population of discounts is deployable via this bank only. Other financial peers are VISA cards, Master Cards, Discover, American Express, etc.

Plunge Of Infinite Brands

When it comes to accessing a plunge of brands into a single space, Linio is simply unbeatable. Counting the total number of brands is indeed impossible. Because almost every single day it keeps on adding a new brand to its archive. However, all featured brands are further segregated as per product genres. For example, while, for cell phones, Xiaomi, Motorola, and Samsung are trending, Asus, HP, Lenovo, etc. unveiling the highest hype for laptops and PCs. Similarly, in the cabinet of beauty and cosmetics Lakme, Remington. Philips, medihealth, Cetaphil, etc are glinting with dazzling sparks. And fashion trending brands are Crocs, Nike, Tous, Ray Ban, etc drag surge of demand. Below, a quick snapshot has been taken for your convenience.

**Click here to fetch a detailed log book of all brands. 

Jaw-Dropping Deals & Off-Pay Events

Not just a massive collector of brands Linio also impresses its shoppers for some other reasons. And on top of all other perks, incredible price drop deals seat in the center. These deals are regularly operational based on trending or ongoing price drop events. The average discount scale encircles around 50% to 70%. For example for the stake of concurrent Cyberlune sale shoppers can take home up to 60% discount on various products. 

A glimpse of Cyber Monday event

Followed by Cyber Monday or Cyberlunes there are other events that keep coming all year round and dislodge hefty discounts and cashback. Thus eventually, help shoppers for optimal savings. 

Beneficial Telephonic Sales Portal

This is significantly curated for B2B clients. Since B2B shoppers buy products in bulk, an easy and flexible telephonic service is kept open in order to accomplish their requirements in a wink. What they have to do is, simply follow ceratin lucid steps. Put your glance down where the details have been entailed. 

  • Select the products as per requirements
  • Dial at 4842224 and wait for the advisories to pick up your call
  • Get the best recommendations about the products and adhesive perks from the telecaller experts
  • Affirm the bulk or quantity to feed your need. At the same time get a chance to clear all additional confusion
  • Pay the bill and wait for the delivery truck depot at the door of your industry

A quick outline…

A Brilliant Platform For Sellers

Linio is committed to escalating business franchise growth. Thereby, serving as a brilliant platform for sellers as well where their earnings break through all barriers and hit the line of optimal gain. Henceforth, the window is getting more and more users’ trust day by day. However, there are certain steps involved before teaming up with Linios as a committed seller. These are given below.

  • Sign up for free with valid documents such as
  • Papers of your company, email ID, photography, business phone number
  • Bank account details, and address of your company
  • Wait for a while until the verification is over by Linio expert
  • Start uploading your products after receiving the approval consent. Set the price sale or keep it open for a better-bargained price while uploading the products
  • Wait for the seller to haunch in and get paid. That’s all.

So, this was a smart snap about Linio and its highlights. Startling lending its perks if you’re yet to do. Whether a buyer or a seller, your decision won’t indeed fail if your choose Linio as your loyal e-commerce partner, it’s a 100% guarantee. All the best to your peer and venture. Enjoy!  

* This page contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small fee. No worries though, you’ll still pay the standard amount so there’s no cost on your part.