Junk King| USA’s no. 1 eco-friendly dump removal company

February 11, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Blog

Clearing the house and adjacent courtyard out of any stain and garbage has always been menacing due to the heap of waste which keeps augmenting due to regular use. Hence, making the space out of waste, be it biodegradable or non-biodegradable is a tension indeed. 

However, to save you from this situation, Junk King knocks at your door. Set up in San Francisco, the company has already been proclaimed as USA’s no.1 dump removal company that works completely in a sustainable manner. The company provides services for multiple categories of junk; garbage, trash, perishable dump, e-waste, furniture, appliances, and many more. Receiving the service from it is a matter of some moments as the trash cleaning process is done by its expert team within 2 hours. On top of all 60% of the trash is being recycled by Junk King while in the process. Besides the cleaning process, the store also offers self-cleaning services by providing dumpsters of various sizes and capacities. So, you can choose any of these at a very reasonable price. And for all overall services, Junk King provides a bargained offer. 

So, if you’re unhappy both with the sewage and day-to-day garbage cleaning process of the municipal corporation of your locality or just want to get rid of dumped household trashes, give a call at Junk King and get their aid at no time. And if you’re affined to discover more about the store and its services take a sneak peek at the following discourse.

Junk King | How does it work?

Junk King follows a very lucid working approach with maximum transparency. Below the process has been revealed. 

  1. Get in touch with Junk King either by a phone call at 18888885865 or by SMS at 17378885865 or via its official website
  1. Provide an estimation of the total amount of trash and derive an estimated cost price after in-discuss with the expert team.
  1. If acknowledged with the price list and all other interrelated service policies, set and fix a date and leave a space for 2 hours to the team for internal management.
  1. You’ll receive a call 15 minutes earlier before Junk King’s special team arrives at your place. Get the process done and complete the payment. That’s all.

Note: You’ll save an extra $20 against the main bill via online booking.

Junk King| Price Calculation IndexBefore getting ready to receive Junk King’s service, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll be keen to club up the overall charge and uncover its pricing policies. However, for self relief just keep in mind that the company calculates and sets a very reasonable cost after considering various aspects such as location, nature of garbage, their amount, and so on. Four processes are involved in this process. You’re free to choose any of these. Below the details are unveiled.

  • Onsite pricing

This is commenced when the service teams are on the site. After considering the amount, and essential tasks to be completed, the final price is made ready. This is the most efficient way to calculate and provide the lowest offer.

  • Text a photo

Send sets of dump photos at the SMS no. 17378885865 and let the team estimate an apparent value. Remember, the determined price may differ a little after arriving at the actual space.

  • Call and speak to the trained staff

Here again, you’ll receive an average estimation. The experienced staff will calculate the overall price while discussing it with you. 

  • Use online price estimator

You’ll be taken to the price calculation index portal by this process. Complete the adhesive needfuls that are pre-mentioned and view the summation result.  

Note: irrespective of the on-site costing, the price indices for the other three parameters project almost fair value and follow no-obligation payment policies.

Junk King| Dumpster rental services

Despite the cleaning, the company also provides self-cleaning services by availing various sizes of dumpsters for rent. Albeit, the costing scale varies as per the sizes yet it does not surpass the line of affordability. Moreover, users have only to pay for the space they use in the dumpster. For example, for minimum usage of the space costs $148.  The cost for using ½ of the dumpster space ranges between $189 to $450. For full usage, the minimum charge would be $268. 

Along with this, you’ll also enjoy several other supplementary perks. For example, in case ½ usage of the dumpster you’ll get a 30% discount. In case of more than ½ use, you’ll just pay the full of rental services. 

Featured categories for cleaning and recycling

Junk King enumerates a total of 12 categories under its service category. All these combined both perishable waste and non-perishable. The associated cleaning treatments do differ as per the trash types. For extra information, you should also know that Junk King follows a two-course method during cleaning. 

  • Removal of the pile of junk or trashes
  • Recycling and shredding of those which fall in this category. Namely paper, kitchen waste, and food.

However, the average price does vary according to the trash and debouched amount. For example, in the case of bulk trash removal estimated cost is $53.35 per ton while it may slightly fluctuate for e-waste recycling or furniture removal. With this, it’s also to note that both the process of recycling and trash removal are completely eco-friendly. Junk King also encourages DIY recycling for certain old goods like TV, wooden furniture, etc.

The embedded categories under its service are as follows.

So, take no more worries about how to get rid of the foursome trash odor of your adjacent localities or wipe out the dusted household dumps. Straight call at Junk King’s desk and make the space immaculately clear within a few hours. And keep the trust over the store in terms of service and price. You will indeed be asked for fair charges. 

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