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Boho dresses are always among the most popular items in summertime. Boho is a seasonless and causal style, which works for both daily occasions and travelling. I am sure that most of you probably have a few Boho dresses tucked away in your closet somewhere. Today I am going to give you some tips on how to wear your Boho dresses to get the right Boho style.

Ankle Strap Sandals

Ankle strap sandal has been the fashion favorite for a long time. Since Boho skirts usually feature unique prints or sophisticated designs, a pair of simple ankle strap sandal can greatly balance the complexity of them. It is also a good choice to pair a Boho dress with white, silver or black ankle strap sandals. What’s more, a pair of ankle strap sandals with some ingenious designs like encrusted diamond would be more eye-catching and appealing.

Strappy Sandals

The pursuit of free spirit and exoticism is what the Boho style is actually shaped with. Featuring exotic feelings, strappy sandals are perfect matches for Boho dresses. With the flattering shape for most feet types, a pair of lace-up sandals will always make you look great with a Bohemian dress.

Leather Flats

Leather is a must-wear style if you’re trying to capture true Boho trend this summer. To get a feminine and sweet summery bohemian style, you can try to pair your long Boho dresses with leather flats. Moreover, shoes and bags of the same color can make your Boho styles  more eye-catching and harmonious.

Beach Sandals

Boho dresses with simple flip flops or other beach sandals with some detailing brings the atmosphere of holidays. It works for both daily occasions and travelling. Undoubtedly, most of the beach sandals can pair Bohemian dresses easily, which represent the causality and freeness of Boho style.

The above are some tips on how to wear your Boho dresses properly to get your Bohemian chic style. Hope they can help you. To get more Bohemian skirts, you can visit newchic’s website.


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