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Sun scarf has become an indispensable accessory in our closet since no matter what you are wearing, a scarf upgrades your style immediately. The oversized scarf is nice to make almost any outfit look better with their fashionable printings and colors. Just like the icing on the cake, a silk head scarf completes your elegant style throughout full 4 seasons, but only when you tie it fashionably. This post gives you a simple tutorial of 4 nice scarf tying ways.

 For an oversized blanket scarf:

1.The French knot.

Firstly, knot the oversized scarf around your neck, leave a little space in it.

Secondly, take the fashion sun scarf around the left, and passes through the gap.

Finally, pull the oversized scarf out of the gap. This knot shows a sense of maturity.

2.Small bow tie.

Firstly, circle the oversized scarf wrap around your neck to create a knot in the S shape.

Secondly, adjust the knot to the front and back, then make a knot again.

This knot is so easy too, a good choice for the fashionable girls to adopt daily.

For a women’s silk head scarf:

1.Bow tie style.

Firstly, tie the silk head scarf together and place the middle of the knot in front of your forehead.

Secondly, bring the ends of your women’s sun scarf towards the back (cover the tip of your ears).

Thirdly, cross them in the back of your head and bring them back to the front.

Lastly, tie a normal knot in the front and tie a normal knot again.

2.Pony tail.

Firstly, stretch out the large silk head scarf around your forehead.

Secondly, bring two ends of the sun head scarf to the back of your head.

Lastly, tie off the oversized silk head scarf by a firm but comfortable bow in the lower back of your head.


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