How To Improve The Quality Of Life? Discover The Most Effective Guidelines From Mindvalley

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Upscaling the quality of life is not related to good education. In fact, it’s more than just education and professional excellence. But the truth is, we often misinterpret it. Instead co-relates the standard of life with money in a direct ratio. So, the result is quite obvious; we lose the pivotal quotients of a happy life and become exhausted— mentally, and physically every single day.

But as every cloud ends up with a silver line, the same is applicable to daily mundane life as well. What you have to do is to search for those hacks to keep life simple, uncomplicated, and full of positive hopes. Thankfully, you have Mindvalley by your side to help you generously with the resolution of living every moment.

As the name suggests, you may anticipate what exactly commenced by Mindvalley. It explores every single alcove of life which has been unnurtured for a long back, then heal those areas and gradually brims it with full of energies and prosperities. Therefore, simultaneously acing professional excellence, a definite reconciliation with hopes, happiness, and self-exploration is what Mindvalley believes and executes via an appropriate medium. 

Hence, if you are on the venture on improving the quality of your life, disinter valuable tips and efficacious guidelines from Mindvalley at your convenience. Below, a comprehensive detail about Mindvalley’s imperative and functions has been penned down. Take a look at them.

Mindvalley Membership Program| Know Everything About It

Before, stepping forward with the pro-life recovering tips by Mindvalley, it’s utmostly essential to be aware of it’s work map. That is, you must know how Mindvalley works prior to everything. Well, for this you have to enrol with Mindvalley membership which offers completely a cost-effective package worth $59/month or $299/year. In a nutshell, just by paying $2/day, you can be a part of celestial programs and courses of heterogeneous genres. So, first, you’ve to log in at Mindvalley. Here is how you can proceed.

Here Is How You Can Start Your Journey With Mindvalley…

Step I: Take The Self-Assessment
Visit and explore the official website of Mindvalley and understand the crux at a glance. Then attend a 22-minute self-assessment test, which you require prior to enrolling on the membership program. 
After the test you’ll be suggested, the course you should register for at Mindvalley 
Step II: Download The Mindvalley App & Login
Go to the Play Store or browse the official website itself and find the Mindvalley app. Create an account with all needful details i.e. age, residence, profession, and much more. Once done, open the Mindvalley login portal and proceed afterwards.
Step III: Select A Programme
Choose your program, as per the advice you receive while attempting the assessment task. Else you can customize your personal choice as well. Manage 20 minutes a day and set it as your ‘Mindvalley Time’. Start learning. You can seek help from the starter guidance book for better clarity.
Step IV: Join The Mindvalley Community And Start Growing
Finally, join the Mindvalley community that is spread across the pan world and connect with Mindvalley’s private network with people from various corners of the world, interact with them and start growing.

**Click here for the detailed steps

Coming to the next phase you must be wondering about the cost of the Mindvalley membership and the number of programs enlisted. So, displaying a catalog of more than 100 programs of vibrant niches and genres, Mindvalley indeed charges a very affordable package that can both be purchased month-wise or year-wise.

Checkout On-Page Pricing Of Mindvalley Membership

Explore The List Of Perks Associated With Mindvalley Membership…

  1. Full access to Mindvalley’s entire curriculum and best-in-class programs
  2. Weekly live sessions with renowned lifestyle experts, trainers, teachers, and motivational speakers
  3. Thorough access to celestial meditation programs
  4. Special allowance with Mindvalley’s private network and opportunity toward healthy socializing
  5. 15-day risk-free refund guarantee regardless of any condition

How Does Mindvalley Work? Know & Understand Its Quest

The entire endeavour of Mindvalley is ramified into five sections that are achieved through three developmental stages namely Learning, Connecting, & Transforming. These five aspirations are as follows

  1. Quest:

You will take to rosters of Mindvalley programs. The programs are segregated into six categories with sundry sub-programs within.

  1. Meetups: 

A large platform for wide-scale interactions with global faces, celebrities, & commoners with backgrounds and interesting thoughts

  1. Meditations & Healing Sounds

With more than 500+ meditational types, masterclasses, and relaxing sounds, you will feel healed and motivated every single day.

  1. Community

A special entry to Mindvalley’s private social network and building a strong healthy community with personalities from versatile and multifarious backgrounds.

  1. Events

With the help of Mindvalley events, your life will be rejuvenated with bliss, happiness, and new meaning that will usher you into growing upskilled both inside, outside, and at professional levels.

           Understand How Mindvalley Operates. This Is How It Is…

What Are The Programs & Expert Areas Of Services Offered By Mindvalley?

 Here comes the pivotal section of concern which is to uncover the list of courses offered by Mindvalley and understand the categorial niches of services. Well, till today, more than 100 courses and programs are enumerated on Mindvalley’s masterclass platforms. All these courses have been put into six different categories. Below, the pith of each category is represented in a crux. Let’s give these a look.

I. Mindvalley Programs On Mind

Healing the mind is more paramount than everything. For a poor, broken mind can give nothing voids of emptiness and cynical feelings. Therefore, nurturing it and keeping it healthy by any means is most crucial. Mindvalley courses on mind crave out an impressive way to espouse the mind from prosaic mayhem and fatigue. 

Presently, it offers 10 fully effective courses with genuine success rates. Each course is coupled with 5-6 phases and taught by skilled Mindvalley experts. Apart from this, class timing is feasible and super flexible.

Explore the list of popular programs on Mind


There are 367 articles written on the mind are displayed on the Mindvalley blog portal. To fetch a better idea about Mindvalley’s fascinating monopoly on the mind, this is the best place to begin your journey.

2. Mindvalley Programs On Body

Living a long healthy life is what everyone strives for. But achieving the goal is not that easy because of myriads of reasons. But Mindvalley’s brilliant programs on the body not only help you live a salubrious life but at the same time keep you energized throughout the whole course of a day. So, with a quest of transforming your life towards better days, the following courses would certainly be helpful.

Besides these top courses, Mindvalley has also posted a total of 136 blogs on the body till today. All these articles envisage you delineating a better perspective about the working pattern of Mindvalley.

3. Mindvalley Programs On Soul

The programs for Mindvalley soul are a pile of self-disciplinary discourses which have been proven as meticulously impactful on inner engineering. Renowned experts from diverse fields namely yoga, meditation, inner engineering, spirituality, etc have propelled consequent attention on this alcove to make life beautiful, and verdant with love, rupture, and bliss. Besides, the registered courses, a total of 184 blogs on soul are published on Mindvalley’s blog portal. Feel free to consider these before starting your course.

However, courses that have touched the zenith of popularity are as follows.

4. Mindvalley Programs On Relationship

Key of a happy life hidden under a stable and healthy relationship. But sometimes daily humdrum pierces the charm of a relationship. As a result, affection for each other deprecates gradually. Well, with the exhilarating training programs on relationship-saving goals, Mindvalley nurtures a broken or floating relationship to mettle the root once again and save it with immense care and protection through effective courses, events, and training. And to draw a better insight, you can take a glance through its archive of 67 articles on relationship-saving tricks right away. 

Take a look at the most popular Mindvalley articles on relationship & social skill programs

5. Mindvalley Programs On Career

Mindvalley programs on career cast light upon those nooks of professional life which have been overlooked for years. Therefore, it mops out and fixes all possible riddles that bar a proper proliferation of one’s carrier. To support a better idea about the working policy on boosting professional growth, Mindvalley has also unleashed 135 articles on work growth and acing personal skills.

Browse some of the most popular Mindvalley articles on career growth

6. Mindvalley Programs On Entrepreneurship

Future of the business is concatenated with entrepreneurial ventures. The more there will be entrepreneurs more profitable businesses would there be in the market. Mindvalley understands this core idea very well. Henceforth, debuts a new ambit, stocked with impressive discourses on entrepreneurship ventures and ideas. All the courses cover a vast spectrum and stand on a flexible platform considering all sizes. That means, from startups to small-scale businesses and their ways to hit bigger markets, everything is put together in a single stratum.

Let’s take a look at the most-popular Mindvalley entrepreneurship programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Mindvalley do?

A. Mindvalley is an online platform which teaches about personal healing and spiritual rejuvenation to combat cacophonies of life that happens on a daily basis. Henceforth, it nurtures the mind, body, and soul with energy and positivity by elucidating lifestyle classes, and attending social and community events.

2. How do I register for Mindvalley membership?

A. You can visit the official website at Mindvalley to download the apps or directly get them from the PlayStore. 

3. Can I get a refund at Mindvalley?

A. Yes. You will. If you don’t like the membership policy you can claim a refund within 15 days of subscription at Mindvalley. However, in that proceeding with Mindvalley Quest is a good option.

So, I hope, now you get a clear and detailed idea about Mindvalley and what it does. Therefore, no more delay you must make. Just head inside the website and enrol in the program and start living a fresh life. Enjoy and live with the fullest sparks.

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