How Summers Influence On Fashion

May 4, 2020 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Lululemon

Hot weather influenced people to wear light clothes that will keep them cool. Because of the weather people tend to wear a lot of shorts, bikinis, summer dresses, crop tops, tank tops, sandals. You wouldn’t want to drown in sweat so wearing clothes that will allow your body to breathe is smart.

If you are looking to shop in clothing on Lululemon here are what you can expect to find:

Sexy Bikinis

People now a days are not afraid to invest in a great piece of swimwear because they’ll get the most use out of it. Since the sun’s always out, bikinis are basically outfits. The sexier the better. Don’t be afraid to show some skin, wear a bikini with cheeky cutouts.

Form Fitting Clothes.

They also like things that are tight. I mean, it makes sense. Hitting the gym and staying active is hard work and dedication so sometimes you just want to flex those curves that you have. Let that summer body pay off by showing it off. They wear a lot of skinny jeans, skimpy dresses, crop tops, tight short shorts.

Bold Color

We are not afraid to wear loud and bright colors. We love it. So find the collection with bold and beautiful colors only at Lululemon.

Makeup and Jewelry

We are born and bred to always look good. We don’t care about sweating the makeup off. Chains, earrings, piercings and necklaces are used to compliment their swimwear. They love using jewelry to complete their beach outfit. Tattoos or temporary tattoos are also a cute way to level up your style and vibe.


The word “chancletas”. It means, flip-flops in Spanish. Chancletas is pretty much used to describe any kid of sandals. We would wear sandals to the beach, to eat, to run errands, and even to work. But of course we’ll wear “fancier” versions depending on where they are going and what we’ll do.


In the morning when you’re living your day to day life/routine, the chancletas might be the go to. But at night when it’s time to party and have fun, It’s time to bust out those heels to compliment your skimpy and hot dress. Dressing to the nines will let you skip the line and get you into the clubs.

Designer items

To top off their vain nature, they also love name-brand items. Investing in good clothing, shoes, and a bag that will last for years is better anyway than buying too many pieces that won’t hold up. It is also associated with status.

Overall We are definitely fashionable. There is even a week-long celebration of designer collection with great offers on lululemon. It offers events to the public as well as industry-only shows, so you can experience the fashion magic.

So find the perfect fit for you only at Lululemon.

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