From cutting machines to crafting essentials

February 10, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Blog,Cricut

From cutting machines to crafting essentials

Unleash the creativity in you, and turn your passion for crafting into achievable targets as the crafty Cricut store has a lot to offer as you satiate your artistic hunger and that too on a budget. Cricut has come a long way over the years, so, let your imagination run wild to make your DIY projects from this digital die-cutting machine that will get you going like a pro, to create endless artistic possibilities to freshen up your space or gift something special to your friends and family.

Dive in to highlight the best of them as some projects are so easy to make that they may take only a few hours, and the best part is finding the joy and fulfilment in making things yourself. Without further a- do let’s completely transform the way people think about crafting, designing, as we get started on this creative outlet.

Launch your creative spark with Cricut

Cricut Machines

You’ll be amazed at how different materials will help you stretch the possibilities with the 3 Cricut machines that are basically cutting machines, but they can also write, cut, emboss, foil and do much more.

Best Crafting Cricut machines at a Glance

Cricut Maker 3

Cricut Maker 3 one of the newest and ultimate in performance and versatility occupies the top spot and cuts up to 300 materials, including fabric and leather, is twice as fast as the previous generation model without sacrificing precision & detail. Comes with fine point blade, Rotary blade and a variety of cutting mats. Great value for money as it is compatible with all past, present and future cricut tools. With a maximum 330 mm working width, Cricut Maker 3 has a pretty much wide area to craft within.

Cricut Explore

Cricut Explore can cut upto 100+ materials from popular craft material like cardstock, vinyl & iron onto speciality materials like glitter paper, bonded fabric and foil, Cricut Explore brings your ideas to life designing infinite ideas in no time on any medium which you can think of. Although, we can’t say it’s supersonic, but even beginners can craft in record time.

Cricut Joy

Last but not the least is this cute little baby of the crafting family, Circuit Joy is a perfect complement to larger machines that can cut over 50+ materials. When it comes to price this one is the least expensive, and while it can’t do what it’s bigger siblings (Explore 3 & maker 3) can, but this powerhouse has Bluetooth capabilities to make crafting fun & easy. Perfect for smaller projects namely cutting, writing & drawing which one can create all year through.

New to the Heat Family

Cricut Auto Press

If you love to create your own iron-on- vinyl then, Cricut AutoPress, stands apart from other heat presses, and is ideal for those who want to do more in less time, especially if you have huge projects on hand. Works under pressure, the auto press zero effort operation closes with two fingers and the auto press automatically adjusts to materials up to 2in (5 cm) thick, like wood, leather etc. with the temperature & time settings that can accommodate a variety of fabrics.

All New Cricut Easy Press 3

As the name implies, this is the smartest tool you have ever seen for heat press crafts providing step-by-step guidance for a multitude of fun projects. An excellent companion to any Cricut cutting machine, and is portable connecting to app via the Bluetooth. Other features include the Flat base which is a very important factor for heat to apply evenly and main safety features like auto-off after 10 minutes of inactivity for your peace of mind & an insulated Safety Base so that the work space doesn’t get damaged while using the machine. The main difference between Easy Press 2 & Easy Press 3 is its Bluetooth capability which makes it a smart heat press over its predecessor.

Throwing Shade in style with Cricut Hat Press

Meet the perfect Hat press designed especially for Hats having a curved heat plate without deforming them while decorating them. With temperature-controlled settings, the temperature doesn’t fluctuate within each range from Low, Medium & high up to 400 degrees F even, while working on heavy duty base material. Control your Hat Press through the Cricut app through a Bluetooth connection using a compatible iPhone, iPad or Android device, or manually. This too is loaded with safety base and Auto-off feature.

Accessories: Where Style meets Performance

With so many cool crafts to create with Cricut machine, material, and accessories there is nothing like making one on your own and give it a personalized touch. Reasons unknown, recreate happiness in minutes, at a fraction of a cost.

The result is bright and beautiful as you watch your design bloom in vibrant colours with Infusible Ink Pens & Markers once transferred using high temperatures. Use these markers to create transfers on blank products such as T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Coasters, baby bodysuits and more.

  • Cricut Weeding Tool

This tool is an essential companion while working on any Cricut related project. Helpful in picking items with adhesive on it, one can also take advantage of the curved section of the hook to hold down pieces when you’re making complicated projects for easy grip. The basic tool kit can be added to your shopping cart at Cricut for just $26.99.

Crafting & cutting tools are a lot of fun & you don’t have to stop at just one. If you are new to this technology and a bit confused about what to buy, we have highlighted an array of ideas there is reason enough to convince you to buy own Cricut machine and a game changer that will help you to personalizes your life. So, get started and add a gorgeous touch to whatever your creative mind can come up with using the embossing tool. Cricut gives you the flexibility to create anything from classic vinyl decals to sophisticated sewing patterns, and particularly with the super-versatile Maker, while having fun with it.


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