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Purchasing a car has never been easier. Whether it’s a new model or a used one, an enormous amount of research is carried out before finalizing a model. Apart from research, some other aspects such as budget, brand, potency, and so forth do significantly matter before bringing a model home. 


The good news is that with the overpowering potency of the internet,  a vigorous percentage of human effort has been trimmed in all aspects–shopping, selling, retailing, and so on. The car selling industry does also pace up with the same trend. For example, Auto Scout24–a renowned online market for new and used cars feeds consumers by satisfying their needs. Be it for an old car or a new one, the store aesthetically entertains every single customer in terms of their demand. And in this way, it grasps a stronghold position as a credible marketplace for old and new cars over the European market. 


So, in case you’re in an intention of purchasing four-wheelers but are keen to layout an overall review before putting your bucks ahead, Auto Scout24 is here at your service. Go through its trending lists of used and new cars, and pick the one eventually.


Auto Scout24| Used car depot

Selecting and shortlisting an old and used car is much more hectic than a new one. The buyer has to diversify their attention on several aspects in a single go, such as the distance covered, age of the vehicle, fuel consumption capacity, condition of all its gears, and so forth. Auto Scout24 has the bulkiest collection of used cars that are imparted into 4 categories; used cars under Euro 5000, city cars, electric cars, and family cars. Take a glance at the trending models under each of these categories.


Used cars under Euro 5000

The section displays a catalog of different brands namely Renault, BMW, Audi, etc that start onwards from €150. Some of these popular models are as follows

Models Descriptions 

Ford Fiesta 1.25 Futura | euro 499

Distance covered: 189,137 km

First registration: 07/2000

Displacement: 1,242 CC

Gearing type: manual 

Engine potency and fuel system: 55KW, 75hp, gasoline

Previous owner: 3

Aixam Crossover AIXAM CROSSOVER| euro 150

Distance covered: 22,000km

First registration: 08/2014

Displacement: Electric

Gearing type: automatic 

Engine potency: 8 KW 11hp, 

Previous owner: no information

Audi A3 1.6| euro 750

Distance covered: 261,000km

First registration: 03/2003

Displacement:1,595 CC 

Gearing type: manual, 5

Engine potency and fuel system: 75KW, 102hp, gasoline

Emission class, and label: Euro 4, and 4 (Green)


Trending electric cars

In case, you are running on budget constraints, hence unable to invest lumpsum bucks on manual gear cars, even as a used condition then opting for an electric car will be the best advice. The main feature which makes an electric car distinct from a regular car is its running condition. That means every enlisted model by Auto Scout24 is a maximum of 5-6 years old. Therefore, all these reveal a sturdy as well as impressive on-road running condition. Here are some trending examples comprised below. Feel free to select any model among these. 

Models Descriptions 

Renault Twizy Intens White 80| euro 6,500

Distance covered: 4,000km

First registration: 08/2018

Displacement: electric, automatic

Gearing type: 1

Drive chain: rear

Renault Twizy Cargo| euro 5,900

Distance covered: 27,000km

First registration: 12/2014

Displacement: electric, automatic, 13KW 18hp

Gearing type: 1 

Drive chain: rear

Renault ZOE Intens 65kW| euro 7,290

Distance covered: 77,000km 

First registration: 08/2015

Displacement: automatic, 65 KW 88hp

Gearing type: 1

Drive chain: rear

Nissan Leaf Acenta| euro 8,990

Distance covered: 77,000km 

First registration: 10/2014

Displacement: automatic, 80 KW 109hp

Gearing type: 1, Previous owner: 2

Drive chain: rear


Popular best-selling family cars

The list of best-selling family cars of Auto Scout24 compiles flairs of models and brands. It also showcases both manual and automatic/ electric control cars. The best part is, keeping the aspect of budget infixed in mind, the complied list is meant to hit a large crowd of audience. The budget range oscillates between Euro 5000 to euro 40,000. And brands in highest demand are BMW, Mercedez Benz, Nissa, Volkswagon, Skoda, and so forth. However, below displays some of the most trending family cars. Skim through it.

Models Descriptions 

SEAT Ibiza ST Reference 1.2| euro 7,990

Distance covered: 59,743 km

First registration: 08/1024

Displacement: 1,1198 CC

Gearing type: manual, 5

Engine potency, and fuel system: 51KW, 69hp, gasoline

Emission class, and label: Euro 5 and 4 (Green)

Previous owner: 2

Peugeot 2008 1.2 Garantie Klima Tempomat Reling| euro 8,870

Distance covered: 70,044 km

First registration: 09/2014

Displacement: 1,199CC

Gearing type: manual

Engine potency, and fuel system: 60KW, 82hp, gasoline

Emission class, and label: Euro 5 and 4 (Green)

Previous owner: 3

BMW 218 d Active Tourer Advantage| euro 14,990

Distance covered: 86,612km

First registration: 11/2014

Displacement: 1,995CC

Gearing type: manual, 6

Engine potency and fuel system: 110KW, 150hp, diesel

Emission class and label: Euro 6 and 4 (Green)

Previous owner: 2

Renault Captur 0.9 TCe 90 eco²| euro 10,435

Distance covered: 94,520km

First registration: 06/2016

Displacement: 898CC

Gearing type: manual

Engine potency and fuel system: 66kw, 99hp, gasoline

Emission class and label: Euro 6 and 4 (Green)

Previous owner: 1

Note: each of the used cars holds a warranty period of 1 year and subjective to free technical service within the warranty tenure.


Likewise the old cars, Auto Scout24 has also prepared another list of freshly marketed new cars. A consequent percentage of models and engine operative diversity is observed in this catalog as well. However, out of all models, electric cars soar high on trend. You can check the list separately in your free space. 


With this brief discussion, an overview of Auto Scout24 and its notions of services is being tried to delineate. Let’s hope you find the discussion interesting and helpful for further use. In a nutshell, it can be concluded that Auto Scout24 is that warehouse that provides important car purchasing tips while decking up a huge marshal of old and new cars of global brands at the same time. So, walk across its bevy at your space and pick the car of your choice. Good luck! 

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