Feel unapologetically good about yourself with YITTY by Lizzo

July 6, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Clothings

Skinny, chubby, fleshy, fat, big—my goodness! How long would you bully yourselves girls— tolerating these slanders? Stop being the scapegoat, stand up on your feet and confront yourself! Trust me, you’re beautiful and each of your body curves is nothing but a live form of divine sculpture!—Stocking a fire in the centuries-old social slain, YITTY is born and takes the leading role to emancipate women around to world to feel relaxed about their body shape and teach loving themselves they are.

Set up by 3-times Grammy owner Lizzo, YITTY comes out as a definite result against social disgust, inferiority which blurs the lines between sizes and shapes. From XS to 6X, everyone can embrace their body without being ashamed. As a result, today YITTY becomes an eminently popular fashion boutique of flexible sizes and groundbreaking inventions. 

However, with the progress, YITTY has drawn fame for designing chic and bold shapewear which are an infusion of flexibility and comfort. Moreover, all its shapewear is tailored from sustainable products. Therefore, what YITTY keeps special for this summer, let’s have a warehouse traverse. 

YITTY| Exclusive summer 2022 collection

1. Explore the rack of Yitty shapewear

YITTY grows keeping a central focus on adding a new texture to shapewear. And indeed it has done. All its shapewear is a blended aestheticity of style and fit. Marshaled into vibrant cuts and designs such as bodysuits, shaping panties, bandeau, headlines, etc, all products are agile to great size variation, encircling between XS to 6X. Along with sizes, an amid feasibility on designs and colors is also being added. 

Each shapewear is made up of soft, body-hugging, and super stretchable fabrics where there has been a great proportion of spandex mixed. Despite this, a size chart made by YITTY’s expert designers is attached. Shoppers will also be given a 90-days return policy from the day of delivery.  

Best-seller shapewear collection by YITTY

Shaping bandeau| brownShop at $17.98
Shaping openbust thong bodysuit Purchase at $26.98
Pride shaping midi bralette Shop at $25.18
Major label cross font bralette Bag at $17.98

2. Introducing YITTY headliners| The galore of liquid shine

There is no term called ‘outdated’ in the world of fashion! To shove the statement with extra punch Yitty recently introduces its latest creation–headlines. The shapewear of the closet is dyed with blots of glittering colors that reveal a reflective effect. Animal print, or solid hue, any pick of the closet is apt showing off your mood of all stages. Albeit, products of this deck are under the budget line yet you can trim your budget by registering with YITTY VIP membership and shop 2 bottoms of such a kind at $29.

Explore latest headliners

3. Explore and exploit the wardrobe of Nearly Naked 

Nearly naked– Got hiccups by the name? Relax girls! It’s another phenomenal creation of YITTY. Giving a big kick to the conventional conception of weaving and knitting, this one recultivates the perception blurring the line between underwear and outerwear. Comes in an impeccably great fit, the shapewear does uplift the gesture and boldness to the next level. The clothing material of the nearly naked collection is combined with both opaque and translucent layers. These are best for hot summer days as these allow enough ventilation.

Top picks of Yitty nearly naked

Shaping ultra high waist short Available at $49.95
Shaping high waist thongShop at $12.58
Shaping midi braPurchase at $21.58
Shaping midi thigh body suitShop at $25.18

4. YITTY mesh collection

Love mesh and maniac at the same time? Good news alert! YITTY unfolds great news for you! Move inside its mesh-me collection and pick the set of shape fits, bottoms, etc as per your choice. Despite the brilliant mesh knits, the apparel of the store also proves stunning and bold color bleaching. Comes in butterfly prints, plumage, and many more, and pick from the set is perfect to make your mood for the season. The main inclusions of this wardrobe are bottoms, thongs, bra, bandeau, etc.

Shop best-selling mesh collection

How do I redeem additional as well as best perks from YITTY?

The best way to solve the problem is to register with the YITTY VIP membership program and be a part of it. Why am I saying so? Well, for that you’ve to go through the reasons underneath.

  • Earn monthly membership credits per month
  • Always get the best prices for the shapewear. Which often remains 20%- 50% lesser than the original price
  • Enjoy seamless access to 2 brands at one time; Fabletics and YITTY
  • Get free shipping above $49.99 all the time without any constraint
  • No restriction on cancellation terms and conditions

So, wake up girls! YITTY is waiting for you! Leap inside it and exploit it to the fullest. Remember, your body, your choice and so as your flamboyance. So, don’t be late crafting a marvelous vogue anthology. Stay happy and be bold with your attitude. Enjoy! 

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