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There’s plenty of brands on Lazada, but not all offer something worthwhile to buy.

Some brands on Lazada have just a few items on their list. Others can’t seem to list down enough items for sale. Some brands also offer better discounts.Others sale at their retail price.

To me, the best brands offer value for money on each purchase online and know how to appeal to customers.

I prefer buying from an official store despite the higher prices, especially since some brands do know how to entice me with value added items or freebies.

That said, there’s three brands I really like on Lazada, and this post is just to tell you a bit about them, and how you can get cheaper prices online.


As a Xiaomi fan, of course you’d expect Xioami to be on the list of brands on Lazada I favour. However, the choice is deeper than that. Xiaomi is one of the few companies that offer their products at the lowest price. Their official prices are lower than others, and are sometimes even undercutting third party retailers who make an effort to import Xiaomi products from China. On top of that, they also do offer freebies with every purchase every now hence increasing their appeal.


I write for PHONESENTRAL, and Samsung phones a favourite among my readers. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 which was released recently is also highly sought after, and the Samsung Store on Lazada is one reason to that. You see, unlike most stores, Samsung bothers to offer better freebies with every purchase. Take for example the Note9. You could get a free vacuum cleaner for every pre-order of the Note9 Ocean Blue! That’s a free gift worth RM889!

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