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June 5, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Blog

Fashion has no traits and no genre. It can seat and fit into anyone’s hat at any point in time just by drilling the basics. And no one understands this better than Mango. Affixing millions of perceptions to the ‘tenet’ of vogue and molding it in multitudes of angles at the same time, Mango indeed composes a pathbreaking fashion manifesto over years.

From conventional to bedizen, Mango stays equally persistent in crafting each of its closest as marvelous and differentiable, unlike other stores. Out of it all, the most amazing fact is that the fashion boutique walks hand-in-hand with nature by adopting an eco-sustainable fashion technology. Therefore, let’s come take a swift traverse across the store and explore its exclusive fashion trends for this summer. So, stay tuned to the discourse below.

Mango| Latest fashion trends for women

1. The Mediterranean Wave| Mango X Fifth Avenue| Exclusive New York Collection

Mango in collaboration with 5th Avenue has opened an exclusive flagship store in New York, solely focusing on immersing in the Mediterranean style of design and vibe. Knitted from 100% natural fibers, the picks of the store provoke fashionistas to indulge in a free, and bohemian style of fashion. The main inclusions are mainly divided into racks of airy t-shirts, tops, and merchandized bags. For details explore the page by yourself.

2. Vision of summer| Exclusive White collection

White is serenity, white is bliss. Hence, surpassing summer without white is simply unthinkable! At Mango, you’ll witness an overwhelming pile of a white collection incorporating vertices of designs, cuts, and styles. From chic-fit embroidered skirts to a sharp and edgy blazer, every pick from the store can shell the hidden stamina out with meticulous potency. Glimpses of the store and genre are revealed below.

  • Featured apparel: blazer, and suites| skirts| dresses| tops, etc.
  • Accessories: sandals, bags, etc.
  • Featured sheds of color: milky white, off-white, striped, jute tanning, etc.
  • Materials used during tailoring: cotton, linen, jute, natural fiber
  • The products start as low as $30 and one item can be shopped multiple times
  • Free shipping would be provided to all participating locations

3. Chic-flick party and event-based collection| Discover now

Catching up the limelight and being the heart of the crowd at a party is a dream of all women. But how to transform it into reality is a dicey task. Well, relax, girls! To sort your problems Mango has landed up with assorted sets of exclusive dresses for this occasion. From bohemian floral prints to cut-out back jumpsuits or a unique beaded pouch bag, all collections of this inventory will blow your mind just in a wink. Skim through the details below for more.

  • Featured collections of party and event collections are
  • Floral dresses| satin linen midi| jeweled and embroidered dresses
  • Jumpsuits| heels| beaded slings, and clutches, etc.
  • A predominant influence of floral prints is significantly notable inside the collection
  • Wide agility to mix and match with personal choices is being given.

Party & Event collections| Top picks

Printed skirt with bow| $59.99

Linen blend shirt dress| $69.99

Heel stripped sandals| $99.99

Beaded mini bag| $79.99

4. Linen mania| The closet of colors and bright apparel

Indulging with attitude and smearing with colors is another name of summer vogue. And to stoke fire into this wilderness, Mango tries to be as generous as possible by displaying a plunge of linen collection, dyed into countless bright color blots–pink, blue, yellow, green, and so on. Stitched from airy and thickly meshed linen, each piece of apparel propels the highest of comfort and feathery feeling. So, go girls, straight jump into this closet and indulge with a maverick and bold style kicking out all your stresses!

Mango| Latest fashion trends for Men

Explore exclusive beach collection

Who says Mango’s beach collection is only for ladies? Nay! It’s wrong! So, relegate the misconception and sip the exotic thrill of coastal life with its exclusive coastal collection. From shirts to tees to shorts, you’ll witness an indulging influence of ocean hues across the entire caboodle. The threads used for knitting are 100% sustainable and of very soft texture due to being knitted from fine cotton fiber, linen, and reused threads. Despite the ocean and coral hue, other notable hues are flashy printed tints, mono-color, etc.

Coastal collection| Top picks

Gradient knitted shirt| $69.99

Slim fit mao color linen shirt| $69.99

Stripped beach bag| $35.99

Tie-dye cotton shirt| $69.99

The warehouse of basics| Explore now

Men’s necessity for basics can’t be replaced even for a single moment. Hence, Mango redresses its wardrobe of Basic apparel being mindful of the seasonal impact. It’s redundant to expel that embedded apparel inside the section is made up of cotton and comfortable fabrics. Take a look at the below pointers for more details.

  • Featured inclusions are shirts| t-shirts| jeans| pants| shorts| jumpers| jackets, etc.
  • Influencing colors are white, blue, brown, faded shed, etc.
  • The apparel starts as low as $15.99
  • Multiple redemptions per product are allowed

Cosmopolitan Summer| Exclusive urban collection| Check now

The urbane cosmopolitan summer hosts a house of flashy prints and bizarre colors which outspeak a bold and fearless vogue. Despite prints and casual styles, the closet stocks a decent pile of formal suits, and blazers. Soft cotton fiber and threads have been used while knitting. And a decent offer followed by some enthralling perks is associated with the purchase.

Cosmopolitan summer| Explore the latest trends

Printed flowy shirt| $59.99

Slim-fit linen suit blazer| $169.99


 Linen Lyocell Bermuda shorts| $69.99


Short-sleeved knit shirt| $69.99

So, this was a smart brief about the latest fashion trends which are whirling inside Mango. Apart from these, some engaging events are also operating for kids, teens, and home makeovers at this moment. Hence, to dig out everything about them, peeking inside Mango and full-fledged exploring. So, no more dilly-dallies in crafting a unique fashion anthology. Take help from it and touch the silver line of fashion!!

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