Desk: how to choose the right model for you?

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Ready to set up your home office? Not without a desk! Check out our tips to find yours

Working from home is an activity that requires concentration and organization . Therefore, having a space adapted for your daily tasks makes a difference in routine and also in productivity.

And one of the furniture that gains more importance when it comes to home office is the desk. After all, it will ensure that the room is ready to accommodate you.

So, to help you in this mission, check out what you need to know before buying yours and, in addition, meet some of our exclusive models.

Keeping an eye on desk materials

How to choose your desk - Materials


Desk Guararema
Hot shelf
Jordan Bookcase









Furniture in constant use calls for reinforced materials, therefore, solid wood is an excellent component for those looking for stability, durability and quality. The Desk Guararema , made exclusively by our team of designers, has pine wood throughout the composition, thus ensuring that it can accompany you for a long period.

Ah, but it is worth remembering that, even with strong materials, the piece has a maximum weight capacity to withstand, so, take it easy when putting everything on your table top, okay?

Another characteristic to observe is in relation to the finish, mainly the top. Lacquer and varnish are great options for waterproofing wood. This means that the final piece of furniture is easy to clean and more resistant to moisture – like when you put a glass of cold water on the table and it makes you slightly sweaty.

Think about the space you have available

How to Buy a Desk - Space

Some minimum measures are ideal for you to have the right desk in your room. If you are looking for a piece of furniture to be your definitive workstation, look for pieces with tops from 70 cm wide to ensure that the essential tools for everyday life are well placed.

Now, if you just want a desk to give a quick support in sporadic moments, a good option is to bet on suspended and smaller models, like Buriti . It is compact and can be fitted anywhere in your home.

But, despite having several different compartments, it is not an item to be used every day for long hours. So, the right size will always depend on your daily needs and how much area you have available there.

Ergonomics also counts

How to buy desk - ergonomics

Legends Gamer Chair
Office Bookcase
Desk Alencar


      There is no point in having a piece of furniture at home and it is not ergonomically comfortable for your routine. When talking about desk, the ideal minimum height and depth are 75 cm and 50 cm respectively – this is because your chair and your body need to enter that space smoothly.

      A great example of a product that fits these specifications is the Alencar Desk . It has a nice area to place the chair, which can be anything from a gamer to a simpler office. Ah, it is also all produced in pine wood and has a drawer to store small objects.

      Organization = productivity

      How to buy desk - organization

      Office Chair Marilyn
      Nick desk
      Corsica Sofa Bed








      And speaking of a drawer, it is essential that you keep in mind how much things you will use in your work area. If you are one of the most economical teams, a simple model is enough. But if you are one of those who fill the table with objects, a good option is to bet on pieces with compartments.

      The Desk Nick has a niche and a differentiated opening drawer so you can save materials and reserve cover for what is really essential. And, of course, you can always count on the help of shelves and cabinets to keep your organization up to date.

      Style vs. functionality

      How to buy desk - Style

      Garden Vase
      Savona Desk
      Eames Eiffel Condá Chairs Set


          Of course, this account could not miss the style of the desk. It is common to think that the more functionality the mobile has, the less beauty it will carry. Lie! It has a lot of pieces that will add value to your decoration.

          In fact, there are great possibilities when it comes to a desk. The Savona model is in the easel style and, in addition to ensuring lightness and good taste for the home-style , it can still perform other functions within its space – such as a sideboard, for example.

          So it’s always cool to think about the type of functionality you want to bring into your home. Not to mention that the combination of color + style is essential to create a welcoming environment and ready to welcome you for long hours.

          Extra tips to optimize your workday!

          How to buy desk - Tips

          > Are you unsure of the best place to position your desk? Look for naturally lit areas , that is, the closer to the window, the better!

          > If you live in a small apartment , look for alternatives to free up the useful area of ​​your rooms. Arranging shelves by the wall is a great idea to keep objects close at hand.

          Your chair is just as important as your table . Be sure to invest in a comfortable piece to avoid that pain in the body.

          > Will you share the home office with someone in the house? Bet on a corner unit as it is possible to create two different workstations.

          > If you have bought a simple desk and felt the lack of drawers, do not discard the idea of ​​also buying a drawer . Because it is separate, you can move it around whenever you need to.

          Did you like our tips? Then check out this selection of desks to upgrade your home office .

          Eames Light Desk
          Window desk
          Ipiranga Office Table
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