Decorating tips for beginners: everything you need to know

October 5, 2020 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Mobly


Out of nowhere that desire to change the decoration of the house appears, right? On the other hand, many doubts may also arise regarding the harmonization of environments, combination of styles and some design techniques.

But, before giving decoration tips , it is important to mention that there are no closed rules to make the house beautiful and stylish. It all depends on the environment and the concept you want to convey. Of course, there are some basic tips to get started, and that’s what we’re going to cover in today’s blog post.

With that in mind, we have gathered six key points for you, newcomer to the world of decoration, to start thinking about it better. Come on?

#1. Textures

The first decorating tip for beginners is to start thinking about textures. This is because, in addition to adding a visual and tactile aspect to the environment, the texture helps to compose a specific decorating style, creating a receptive and cozy space.

It is worth remembering that when we talk about textures, we are referring to the physical aspect of the item. For example: a cushion covered with a smooth, silky or even embroidered fabric. These materials can affect everything from the sensation of heat and cold to the tone and weight of the composition.

Some elements with different textures that you can invest in home decoration are:

  • Brick;
  • Stone;
  • Wood;
  • Metal;
  • Fabrics;
  • Glasses.




#2. Light points

It is not new that lighting is one of the flagships of any decoration. By applying the light in the right places, it is possible to enhance details, bring comfort and, of course, always leave the environment with good lighting.

So, one of the most important decoration tips is to think about the amount of luminaires that will be used and how many points of light the project will have.

It is worth remembering that some special luminaires, such as pendants and floor lamps, manage to completely change the appearance of the space. Not to mention the tone of the light, which can be pulled further into the hot or cold.

Ah, it is also important not to forget the points of natural light. Did you know that the light of nature helps in the performance of tasks? Not to mention energy saving, right? You can count on the help of an architectural professional to make the most of natural lighting in your decoration project.

# 3. Colors

Look, we risk saying that thinking about a color palette is the easiest part of the decoration. This is because it is not difficult to think of tones that combine and create a harmonious composition, but it is important to be careful that everything is not too heavy, okay?

A tip is to always keep in mind that colors are a complement to lighting and that they can influence even our psychological. For example: cooler colors create a relaxing atmosphere. Already warmer colors, make the space more welcoming and cozy.

The color palette may vary according to the style of decoration you intend to adopt. Our suggestion is to balance neutral and vibrant tones to gain harmony. You can make a clear wall and have objects in more striking colors in the living room, for example.


# 4. Technical details

It’s no use having the right items, but not thinking about the technical details of the decoration. Therefore, before starting to touch the corners of the house, it is essential to answer some questions, such as: does the furniture fit in this space? Will I be able to get the item through the door or elevator? Would relocating him be an easy task?

These and other technical details, such as electrical and hydraulic points, help to plan the perfect layout for the environment. So, pay attention to the structural details of your decoration and, if possible, always seek guidance from a specialized professional.


# 5. Functionality

It is very easy to get carried away by the beauty of decorative items. However, always remember that the house needs to be practical for your routine and that there should be space for everything. A home crammed with things can hinder movement in environments and even cause accidents.

So, one of the most important decoration tips is to think of a functional and comfortable space for all residents. There are special furniture that can help in this task and make the routine more practical, such as sofa beds, folding armchairs and puff chests.

Check out some options:


# 6. Personality

Look, all the decoration tips we mentioned above are important, but they are not rules that you need to follow to the letter, okay? After all, what we want most is for the environment to have> its face.

After defining the basics, think of an element that leaves your personality marked in the environment. This goes for the bedroom, living room, kitchen and even bathroom decor ! Think about your favorite colors, films or something that marks who you are. Let your imagination run wild!

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