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Are you a sports enthusiast and looking for a one shop stop destination to meet all your needs for sports and equipment?

The answer is Decathlon is a place that works to unite sports enthusiasts to provide the benefits of sports available to everyone.

Decathlon has a huge sports collection that you buy online or in-store and believes that everyone deserves a chance to take up a new sport. Now, you can buy a sports collection and get a chance to enjoy several other benefits.

Decathlon is an international manufacturer and distributor of sports clothing and equipment. The company was established in 1976 in France and is working since then towards the goal to achieve as many people as possible to benefit and enjoy practicing sports. Decathlon designs products that work well with sports and believes that innovation is a part of everything they design.

Some of the products from the Sports collection at Decathlon are listed here, this will ease your shopping process.


Decathlon has a bicycle collection for everyone and including all sports like trekking bicycles, road bicycles, electric bicycles, BMX bicycles, etc. There is also bicycle clothing for children, men and women including jackets, vests, sweatshirts, shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, gloves, caps and many more.

A few best-selling products at Decathlon under the bicycle section are:

  • Rock Rider- Mountain Bike

This bicycle is a mountain bike and is one of the best-sellers. It has an excellent customer rating and has two colors. You can find them under the bicycle section to add them to your shopping cart.

  • Neck gaiter

The neck gaiter is available at the lowest price PLN 14.99 and it has many colors. You can add find and select the product online to buy or buy them in-store.

  • Bicycle Bottle Holder
  • Bicycle helmet

You can also buy bicycle parts and accessories including bags, cameras, lamps, etc. They have products designed to provide you comfort as they have clothing for winters and clothing for summers. They care for all your bicycle needs from clothing to bicycle locks.

All About Running

Decathlon provides you everything you need for running. Running is an activity which is practiced everywhere and keeps you fit and it has several health benefits. You can find running shoes, clothing and more at Decathlon.

  • Shoes

You can find almost more than 100 shoes for running. It includes shoes for everyone and gives you maximum comfort. The shoes starting from PLN 49.99 and so on are designed to ease running with marks like KALENJI, ADIDAS and others.

  • Clothing

To practice sports, Decathlon has running jackets, pants, shorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. for all. The products have tags like greatest popularity and lowest prices to help you shop conveniently. You can find clothes from different brands and in different sizes like wind running jackets, dry running pants, hooded sweatshirts, etc. to provide you with durable clothing.

  • Accessories

Accessories for running like phone holders, hats, watches, water bottles, headphones, etc. are available at the Decathlon store under the running section at prices starting from PLN 19.99 and so on. The products have excellent customer ratings to give you an overview before buying.


Hockey is played by children and adults and Decathlon in their store has everything you need to play hockey. Some best-selling products at Decathlon online store are:

  • Hockey Set- The set is available at the lowest price and has a 5-star rating
  • Hockey Skates VAPOR X2.5- It is available at a discount of 18%
  • Stick- The stick is one of the best-rated product
  • Trolley 100L Hockey Bag- It is black in color and will help you keep all your equipment organized.


You can shop for the best quality ski equipment with Decathlon. The accessories include ski jackets, goggles, etc. to give you a new sport to practice. A few products which you can buy at Decathlon are:

  • 100 men’s ski shirt
  • X ACCESS 80 men’s ski boots
  • Backpacks
  • Jackets

There is a wide variety to select a few and add to your shopping cart and enjoy comfortable sporting.


Playing Rugby is a game that has many fans in Poland and if you are also a Rugby lover and want to play Rugby then Decathlon online store has equipment at the best prices.

  • OMEGA Rugby ball size at PLN 129.99
  • ADIDAS Malice SG Rugby boots with molded and screw-in studs for wetlands
  • Adult’s Helmet R900

These are the few best-rated products which you can buy. Other categories like clothing and accessories are listed on the online store at affordable prices.

Beach Volleyball

Decathlon guarantees the perfect vacation if you are a sports lover. Beach volleyball is also one of the sport to play at the beach and certain accessories are also required to play beach volleyball like volleyball, special volleyball shoes, volleyball nets and clothing. You can find them all for and your team at Decathlon at the best prices.

  • BV100 beach volleyball net at PLN 59.99
  • BV900 beach volleyball court lines
  • MULTI NET beach Volleyball set is a newly introduced beach net set

These are a few best-rated and newly introduced beach volleyball equipment. You can buy them to plan a beach volleyball tournament this vacation.


Golf is a sport that is associated with luxury, if you are planning to try your hands at the golf course then you can find everything at Decathlon stores. For this, you would need a golf ball, gloves, golf sets, bags, etc. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • GPS and Launch monitor G80
  • Ultra XD lady Golf club set for right-handed use
  • Premium S40 GPS Golf watch

These are the best-rated and recommended products from a huge collection. You can browse more golf equipment under the Sports section.

Decathlon has everything in the sports store for you from clothing and equipment. The team designs and innovates new products to improve your sporting experience and provide you best shopping platform. You can find them by signing in or signing up and add into your cart to explore and enjoy comfortable sporting at affordable prices.

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