Crocs AU: Amazing Styles & Deals

May 10, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Blog

Crocs AU: Amazing Styles & Deals

Summer is in the middle of its course. So, it’s time to bloom as well as reveal your inner persona immersed with bright hues and liveliness just like the season! For, no other is season as flawless as summer to boast with vivacity, colors, and rapture! Henceforth, flaunting through bloats of colors is the inseparable quos of flamboyance during the season. Be it for apparel, or accessories, the influence of the tenet is prevalent everywhere. 


Understanding the core of the principle, Crocs, one of the colossal global footwear brands has refurbished its warehouse with complete new seasonal collections. These are not just lustrous and tempting but at the same time unlock giggling offers to all these new racks that finally ultimately persuade you for a grab! Most importantly, the clogs rack of the store undergoes maximum color variations and styles followed by slides and sandals which are simply perfect to make your day besides a sunny Australian coast or walk across the reef. Therefore, in order to make your bright summer brighter and colorful take a smart traverse inside Crocs AU and explore its latest styles and deals.


Latest Crocs styles with jaw-dropping deals

That’s indeed true! With the unfathomable varieties, the concurrent deals of the store would certainly give you goosebumps! How? Uncover the details below.


  1. Buy 1 Get 1 free on Classic Crocs

Crocs has drawn the spotlight mainly because of its exception creation–clogs! Undoubtedly it’s of some weird looks but when it comes to blending comfort with carefree flaunting, it’s an undeniable choice. However, for this season the store unlocks a fascinating offer on its classic pairs that include clogs, slides, and sandals and make these available at a staggering 50% discount! 


Due to being classic nature, shoppers will mainly witness mono-color bleached clogs along with select prints. Each clog is made up of eco-sustainable products, hence has lower CO2 footprints. To make its appearance funnier and drolling a minimum of 6-12 holes for jitbitz charms are available. These can be customizable as well. The lowest price of a classic clog start onwards from $34.99. Besides the main offer, a 30% discount on purchasing classic Crocs is also enabled.


Top Crocs Classics

Trending products Original price Offered price
Crocs classic clogs| blue$69.99$49.99
Crocs classic all-terrain clogs $89.99$64.99
Classic hiker clog $99.99$79.99
Classic dream clog $74.99$59.99
Classic far sure$74.99$49.99


  1. Crocs solarized collection starts from $34.99

Crocs solarized collections overtly boast predominance of futuristic colors which perfectly paces up with the summer coastal vibe! Bleached with blue, green, ocean algae, orange, etc–at some point it may seem the shoes of the section rain and smear all colors of rainbow altogether. And that’s what its charms and distinctivensss. So, for a fine weekend afar from your house or a casual day off, go for its pair and candorly express your feelings! The prints of the shoe are the assimilation of tie-dye prints. However, with shoes, the cabinet also showcases solarized socks and jitbitz at staggering discounts! 

Top Crocs solarized collection

Trending products Original price Offered price
Classic solarized clog $74.99
Crocs translucent solarized clog $79.99$64.99
LED pineapple charm $5.79$4.99
Classic translucent solarized clog $79.99$64.99
Crocs seasonal solarized socks $34.99


  1. Crocs shining and charming flips

If your summer vogue goes inseparable from flips in the context of footwear, Crocs stores enough to widen your grin. In fact, it has recently deployed a fresh collection of flips showcasing varying styles namely Baya flip, Athens flip, and Crocband flip. All are made up of soft, TPU, flexible sole and are provided 6 rooms to pin vibrant jitbiz according to your mood. On average these start onwards from $39.99 and reveal a multitude of color combinations. 

Top Crocs charming flips

Trending products Original price Offered price
Classic Crocs flip $39.99
Bayaband flip$49.99$39.99
Baya flip $44.99$24.99
Women Crocs solane snake wedge $74.99$24.99
Women’s Crocs Serena flip $54.99$39.99


  1. Crocs Marble prints at up to 30% off

Crocs marble prints are ecstacious collections of which you can be really proud. The footwear is not only just of magnetic styles but at the same time release sheer comfortability. Manufactured with lightweight, soft foam, and bleached with white black, or other patchy color starta that resemble marble print, these footwear truly craft a revolution in the world of fashion that exults as well as clamors to be outspoken about personal vogue, attitude, and inner persona. In order to make these more attractive, embellish the empty rooms with cute, funny jibbitz. Also, a 30% discount will be given on marble print classic clogs while shopping. 

Top Crocs Marble prints

Trending products Original price Offered price
Classic marble clog $74.99
Kids tie-dye marble slide $54.99
Crocs marble print adult socks $34.99
Crocs tie-dye marble print slide $44.99$34.99
Kids marble tie-dye print clog$54.99


  1. Crocs latest sandals| Start at $39.99

Any sandal or slide from Crocs–certainly means to be utmost relaxing and comfortable. It’s designed with a wide, flat foam sole, and sometimes flatbed heels with stretchable straps. Bleached in blue, yellow, neon, purple, white, marble prints, etc. these are immaculately impeccable choices to exult with your moods. You can also design the upper part with interesting, and funny jibbtiz at up to 30% off. 

Top Crocs sandals

Trending products Original price Offered price
Classic Crocs slide$39.99
Classic Crocs Tie-Dye graphic slides $44.99$34.99
Toddlers classic crocs sandal $39.99
Classic Crocs sandal $49.99
Women’s Brooklyn low wedge$94.99


  1. Crocs Jibbtiz shoe charms at 30% off

Slipping on a clog without those funky jibbitzs? Impossible to imagine, right? Considering the fact, Crocs has unlocked its warehouse of jibbitz at an enthralling discount! From letters to numbers to various jibbitz charms, the section is flooded with uncountable numbers of theses. However, the discount scale is more productive on the packets and order amount. These are as follows.

  • Save $5 against an order of $20
  • Grab $10 upon order amount of $30 
  • Redeem $20 above $40

Note: the discount is applicable either on a single charm or a packet. 

Top Jitbiz shoe charms

Trending products Original price 
Tropical jibbitz| packet of 5$19.99
Sunny days| pack of 5$19.99
Summa time girl| pack of 5$19.99
LED rainbow charms $5.99
Star jibbitz charm$2.99


Crocs tempting deals and coupons

Albeit, an overall ideal about offers and deals have been provided above, yet in order to avoid any kind of ambiguity, details of the ongoing deals have been comprised below. Take a glance.

  • Grab an instant 30% discount on the exclusive Classic collection of Crocs without any coupon code
  • Keep redeeming enormous discounts up to 30% of jibbtiz as per the order amount
  • Enjoy an extra 15% discount as a new user of Crocs
  • Avail free delivery across all participating locations on orders above $60
  • Get access to hassle-free 90 days return policy


So, this was a smart overview of the ongoing trend at Crocs. Let’s hope you find the information useful. Just keep in mind that in case you’re eager to employ ongoing offers, you’ve to start shopping early, else you’ll miss it. Happy shopping and all the best for your endeavor for flashy summer flaunting! 

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