Contemporary Fashion Trends At PrettyLittle Things Coming Your Way This Fall

January 10, 2023 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Blog

After the immense grim of the pandemic, the world, as well as the fashion industry, is re-owning its normal position in a gradual rhythm. Although the majority of 2022 is caught in a restive struggle against this apocalypse, situation started showing a constant improvement later phase of the year which vividly impacts the quos of fashion trends and contemporary implementation! 

The idea behind ‘fashion trends’, ‘latest’ fashion trends, or ‘contemporary’ fashion trends is a collective expression of vanity, that began in the early ’60s! So, the paradox is there is nothing called ‘latest’ in the world of show-offs! Everything is trendy, and every style is whirling— that goes down as ‘outmoded’ with time and rejuvenates with new sparks again after some time. It’s a world of orbits, indeed! 

However, over the last few years, we’ve noticed a different shadow influencing the entity of flamboyance and this is absolutely a fascinating hybridization between old and new! For example, 90’s fashion with contemporary gateup, street style 80’s look with mainstream vanity. Keeping a sharp vigilance over these quos, we’ve assimilated and infused the top 7 cool and trendy fashion picks from fashion master PrettyLittle Things that blow storm nowadays. 

7 Contemporary Fashion Trends From PrettyLittle Things

1. Oversized Blazer

Dressing up with blazers with perfect formal cuts is passe today even for a 9-5 desk job. People are overtly open to accepting new trends with existing ones. Therefore, the affinity for oversized blazers has come out as an astute result. And PrettyLittle Things has a mesmerizing stock of it. With a hoodie inside, or a crochet, or even a formal shirt, oversized blazers are truly flexible with individual fashion pieces thus setting a new cool fashion trend for the season. Reflecting a slightly 80’s fashion look, these blazers ideally epitomize the meaning of a hybrid fashion outfit.

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Black Oversized Pocket-Front Blazer| €32.30Dark Teal Boxy Oversized Blazer| €40.60

2. Sequin Dress

Faux-pas-fashion or brazen— name it the way you like to, but the fact is even the ‘brazen’ vogue is remarkably appreciated by flaunters. Take the sequin dresses as an example. The affinity for this kind has been dominating the fashion ramp for a second time from 2022. Resembling with Y2K fashion, sequin dresses set fire for reasons; their body-hugging fitting and fabricated glitters, and set up a new facade for flaunting. Thus, obviously, a stunning piece to draw all the limelight at the party. 

However, to find a perfect outlet for such dresses or similar party dresses, you can directly head inside at PLT. It has a beautiful collection of dresses available online for both plus sizes and normal figures with great perks. So, in contemporary fashion tenet, you can definitely place the sequin dresses at the top positions.

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Pink Belted Sequin Shoulder Pad Dress| €88.20Emerald Green Sequin Lace Frill Dress| €63

3. Faux Fur Coats

The craze for faux fur coats are back in trend after an intermittence of a few decades. Unfurling the retro vibe all around fur coats jovially induces mainstream designs simultaneously, thereby engraving rivalry excellence in today’s scene. Coming both in hot and cool cuts, faux fur coats articulate exactly what the soul whispers. And being hued mostly with chunky colours with both long and high lengths, a feeling of following the foot trail of revolutionary retro pageants like Brigitte Bardot or Merlin Moreno of the later phase and living their era would be no quirky after putting these on. So, if you’re panache about creating a custom fashion world, reinvent your wardrobe and so as your perception with dazzling faux fur coats. Look out at PLT’s rack for such coats and find your best silhouette. 

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Camel Maxi Faux Fur Coat| €107.80Orange Ombre Long-Line Coat| €66.50

4. Trendy Co-Ords

Questing for a new fashion runway? Co-Ords are a perfect way out at your stake. Be it a mesh co-ord, petite co-ord, sequin co-ord, denim co-ord, co-ord skirts and tops, and vice-versa, love for this fashion outfit is truly eternal. And PLT stocks a fabulous pile of it. The best part of this dress is that it is widely flexible, super heterogeneous in designs and silhouettes and therefore feeds vibrant purposes; casual day out, attending new year parties, and so on. Co-Ords are solemnly independent fashion pieces, so there is no need of pairing this suit up with others.

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Glitter Halter Neck Dip Hem Crop Top| €21Black Mesh Ruched Midi Skirt| €19.60

5. Trench Coats

Trench coats are not just trendy fashion outfitters but an emotion which literally can persuade people frantic for these. From the advent first world war to the present day, trench coats have not only just met essential purposes but also engraved a stunning legacy in the emperor of vogue and vain. Therefore, the same trend is well noticed in today’s world as well. 

However, PLT stuns shoppers with an overwhelming collection of trench coats of variegated styles and designs namely khaki coats, winter coats, camel coats, denim jackets, panel coats, etc. All these can splendidly be paired with any kind of top inside, knee boots, and long cow-boy hats as extra add-ons.

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Sand Oversized Faux Leather Coats| €91Beige Wool Look Military Coat| €81.20

6. Metallic Pants

New year party without metallics? Huh! Unbelievable! So, if you are yet to embellish your wardrobe with some metallic fashion apparel, PLT has got you covered. Be it flashy silver hued or bright color-blocking tint, each and every inclusion in the metallic pant’s rack is simply rocking for a creating a breathtaking vain silhouette! However, the best way to carry such pants is pair up with a leather jacket or a boho crochet. 

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Pink Metallic Denim Straight Jeans| €37.80Plus Silver Coated Metallic Trousers| €44.80

7. Flared Jeans

Jeans are more of an essential fashion staple than trendy outfits. But the good news, fashionopreneures aesthetically weaved engulfing cuts on jeans that eventually turn it as one of the most trendy fashion staples. However, unlike previous year, 70’s fashion-swirler flared jeans have taken a biggest comeback and supposed to be the fashion trendsetter in 2022-23. In fact, these cuts have appreciated as the best jeans for women in the current year. So, as PLT has a quite impressive stock of both flared jeans and other kinds, you can definitely stark up your silhouette with any of its masterpieces. Be it in solid color, floral prints, checkered, or something else you will notice a slew of collection at its caboodle. 

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Solid Blue Stretch Flared Jeans| €11.90Snake Print Flared Jeans| €20.30

So, this was all about the 7 hot-fashion trendsetter from PrettyLittle Things for this fall. Pick any of these as per your choice or you can customize your pair as well. Stay in vogue and keep on flaunting. Cheers!

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