Choose from 330+ delicious frozen ready meals & desserts

April 1, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Wiltshire

Choose from 330+ delicious frozen ready meals & desserts

Frozen meals–certainly insipid? No folks! Not anymore! It’s time to extirpate the misconception as Wiltshire Farm Foods stands next to you with a deliberate intention of chiseling up your perception. Over the last 30 years, the gourmet store has persistently been delivering ready-to-cook frozen meals which are enough to tantalize your gluttons! With a relentless effort of its team of highly skilled epicurean chefs, today the number of dishes hit a total number of 330+ that are all comprised in its menu. This eventually pushes the store up gleaning a remarkable score in spicing up the taste buds of the entire UK. 


Vegan, beef, pork, seafood, desserts–or others, each and every appetizer of Wiltshire Farm Foods is aesthetic evidence of epicurean cooking science and devouring taste. Thus the freshness of each dish remains unmutated even for longer durations. The striking fact is, even being frozen each of its stored dishes is not kept below minus degrees temperatures. So, there is no need for defrosting and all dishes consume minimal time to be cooked. 


So, whether to brush up your bad mood or devour a small appetite, a sumptuous palatable bowl from Wiltshire Farm Foods is sole enough. So, come let’s take an overall glimpse of the store and its menu.


Wiltshire Farm Foods| Glimpse of course meal menu

  1. Full course menu for meat dishes

If you are a die-hard meat lover but can’t afford too much time on the prolonged cooking process, Wiltshire Farm would probably be the best choice to head inside. The frozen cuisine store catalogs a huge listing of dishes for every kind of meat–red meat, bird/white meat, meats of certain ocean animals. However, among trending meat dishes–those that draw maximum attention are pork, beef, lamb, duck, chicken, and turkey. Each dish gets stored after being slow-cooked by the expert chefs which keeps the dishes extra juicy and tender even while serving. Despite a wholesome platter of meat dishes, small appetizers do also get prepared such as pork pie, and beef sausage roll. On average, a meal bowl/ plate starts onwards from pound 5.

  1. Tantalizing fish and seafood dishes

A plate of steamy, tenderly cooked ocean fish, seasoned with herbs, lime, and fresh veggies–if this is how you mean to subside weekend your fatigue, Wiltshire Farm Foods commits to pamper your desire with its long railed list of menu. Currently, fish dishes are available in 16 types marinated with vibrant spices and fish species–parsley, salmon, tuna, etc. with these the versatility is equally notable in the cooking process and serving types as well, for example, slurpy bowls, crispy fritters, spicy gravy, and many more. The least price of a dish starts onwards from pound 4.


  1. Sumptuous vegan dishes

For a vegan, Wiltshire Farm Foods is indeed a fascinating choice. At present its food carte ensembles a total of 20 items, seasoned with diverse kinds of veggies, mushrooms, and cheeses that cost onwards from pound 3.85. Each of the enlisted meals can be customized as per your taste buds such as glutton-free, low salt, high salt, etc. Trending among all other dishes are the cauliflower cheese and broccoli bake, cheese, onion, leek, and potato bake, etc. The best part is, that the meals get delivered driven by an expedient shipping system.


  1. Sumptuous slurpy and gravy bowls

Undoubtedly, the bowls comprised in this menu work as roller coasters for your taste buds. Each and every meal under gravy bowls are delicious slurpy and of some unique tastes, picked up from various corners across the country and stewed inside the kitchen of Wiltshire immersing with some new ingredients, and spices. Hence, from a countryside beef stew to Irish cottage pie to spicy, piquant chicken curry, the store is sole enough to satiate your hearty cravings. Here again, the option for customization is available i.e. shoppers can pick the major ingredients as per their choices.


  1. Select meals and large menu packs

This part is purely devoted to feeding a large group; say a family or a group of friends. Compiling all kinds of courses together; gravy bowls, chips, fritters, and meal platters, have been kept as central attention under this. While for select meals pivotal attention is given to small and one-pot bowls, the meal packs are purely entitled to wholesome meals to be enjoyed together. With this just keep in mind that select/ mini-meals can also be ordered to devour small apatite. 


  1. Nutritious and glutton

Being diet conscious is a wise decision in today’s scenario where desk jobs overpower fieldwork. However, blending taste with healthy bowls seems impossible to some folks yet today. And to trim their problems Wiltshire Farm unlocks a puddle of calorie-effective menu that is absolutely glutton free but splendidly satisfying in meeting one’s gluttony cravings. The buffet of this menu hosts a large selection of ingredients namely root vegetables, leafy veggies, fat-free meat, etc, and make these available at jaw-dropping prices.


  1. A fancy collection of sweets and deserts

For an aesthete who is looking for an enticing confectionery of sweets and desserts, Wiltshire Farm can be a decent choice for them. It platters a plunge of desert types that have been prepared with diligent skill and expertise. The list of deserts that presently is displayed at the store is hot desserts, cakes, chef’s favorites, frozen desserts, and sugar cautious desserts. Each dessert can be picked and selected as per the user’s taste buds that are all already available in sheer vibrancies, and types. 


How to get started with Wiltshire Farm Foods? Beginners tips

The final and most essential steps. If you’re new to the store and feel a little baffled about the next preceding steps, the following steps are created just for your stake. Take a glance.

  • Visit the official website or download the app via the play store or apple store
  • Browse and explore its diverse range of 330+ menus and pick the one according to your taste
  • Do lend help from the above segregations if there is a need
  • Place your postal pin code and confirm the order
  • Accept the order from the delivery then either re-store it inside a refrigerator or start cooking
  • Since food packets are below zero degrees temperature, these take lesser time to be prepared
  • Enjoy munching. That’s all.


So, let’s hope you are out of any misconception about frozen food from now onwards. Place an order from the store onwards from your next order and witness the result by yourself! Save the cooking time but enjoy good food! Happy devouring! 


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