Check out the summer exclusive diet & weight loss plan of Nutrisystem

July 15, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Blog

Check out the summer exclusive diet & weight loss plan of Nutrisystem

It’s summer! The ideal time for seamless munching and group binging. And exactly there the problem begins! How— you must be wondering? The thick layers of extra pounds that get bulged upon your midriff, arms, leg calves, and beneath the chins— don’t you consider these as the severe culprits? However, time to get the good news alert! Nutrisystem is here to deal with all the extra pounds and get your shape back with those stunning wavy curves. Thus, stay relaxed, lose extra weight, and turn your summer days brighter accompanied by the best summer diet plans for weight loss by Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem| Summer diet plans for all

Over the last 50 years, Nutrisystem is feeding the United States with the best diet platters without compromising taste. Each of its dishes is cooked by expert dietitians and loaded with variable ingredients considering age, body type, gender, and even corpus disorders such as diabetes, cardio problems, etc. Any dish regardless of the kind such as non-veg, veg, gluttony, or non-GMO has proved to generate incredible efficiency within a limited time period. 

However, based on this summer again there is quite a detailed change on its course of menu keeping intact the total counts. The 100-150 dishes that are prepared by Nutrisystem keep on changing in various seasonal and exotic ingredients each week. Therefore, let’s pay a quick glance at the summer weight loss diet plans.

1. Weight loss diet plans for women

The most awful pain for all women bubbles up when it comes to melting belly and arm fat. These are the regions of the highest challenge in the context of weight loss sessions. However, to sort this nuisance Nutrisystem comes up with a brilliant solution that is divided into 3 distinct weight-loss plans. Below, their details are mentioned. Take a look.

Basic diet plan| Starting at $9.99

The basic plan is indeed basic and simple in terms of loading but sumptuous in taste and booster in terms of weight loss efficiency. The plan includes 8 weekly menus with a classic variety of meals and snacks which changes every week and charges $9.99 per day. All dishes are prepared as pantry-ready and ready to eat. Here are the basics…

  • Get pantry-ready menu choices
  • Ready to eat in just minutes
  • Perfect at home or on-the-go

Get a glimpse of the enlisted menu

2. Uniquely Yours plan| At $12.14 a day

The uniquely yours plans stuff an array of frozen items that are absolutely ready to cook and the most popular menu from Nutrisystem’s kitchen. Apart from this, it has one latest add-on that is a fresh restaurant’s fav dish each week. In brief, details are

  • Top-rated fresh frozen meal, snacks, and beverages
  • Each dish is confined to calorie content
  • All dishes are pantry-ready and read to eat

Get a glimpse of the enlisted menu

Note: to get the best result within a month have at least 2 days a week. Plus you can add daily grocery add-ons to relish on extra flavors.

3. Uniquely Yours max+| From $13.57

This diet plan is added with extra calories per dish and prepared with chef-exclusive ingredients. All ingredients are fresh and farm-picked. The best part is, that this diet plan includes a total of 150 different carte. Stick up with the details below for more.

  • Each dish is added with extra 30gm cal.
  • Extra and fresh veggies are added
  • All meals are 100% gluten-free and can be dished out in 10 mins
  • Free customization while choosing loadings and dishes is allowed
  • The plan covers 5-day meals and snacks to up to 7 days plan
  • Per-day meal costs $13.57 only

Get a glimpse of the enlisted menu

B. Nutrisystem’s weight loss plan for men

Like women, men also do heftily suffer regarding burning their mid-riff fat. However, another major problem that hits their lifestyle is diabetes and high blood pressure. Considering all such aspects Nutrisytem builds 3 diet plans with the same name as women. In the following, a comparative outlook of all these diet plans is carried forward.

Basic diet plansUniquely Yours Uniquely Yours max+
Costs $11.64 a dayStarts at $13.39 a day Charges $14.64 a day
Includes classic menu varieties with fresh farm-pick veggies and meats Includes frozen fabs, meals, snacks, beverages Enlists a total 150 menu, loaded with fresh veggies, meats, spices, herbs, and many more
All meals are pantry-ready and sauteed with delightful spices and herbs Meals are easy to plattered within 10 minsEach meal counts extra 30gm calorie and extra veggies 
Ready to eat and on-the-go meal packetsOffered one restaurant fav each week All dishes are cooked by expert chefs with best recommendations
Convenient beverages include  pasta, pizza, burgers, etc.Shipments get commenced within 4 weeksPro-dietary tips are provided side by side

Take a glance at the top menu courses for men

1. Basic diet plan

2. Uniquely Yours

3. Uniquely Yours max+

C. Nutrisystem diet plans for partners

Together we are, fasting will be weight loss process— this is principle couple goals when they are on fat burning process. The good news is, with acquaintances of Nutrisystem the entire activity has been easier and full of fun. The couple plans of Nutrisystem follow the same classification method as men and women with more or less similar menu per category. However, the pricing per meal does vary with the plan type. Such as…

It is also to note that the Nutrisystem partner plan costs much lower than individual diet plans. So, by purchasing a double course meal packet, your savings hit on a high scale.

This was a quick overview of the weight loss diet plans of Nutrisystem for this summer. Go and grab a bundle at your convenience if you are keen to melt the extra pounds in a healthy way. There is no hard and fast way to stick up with its meal plans. You can stop being a part of the diet plans at any time. So, enjoy your summer! Live a healthy and shining life, and munch healthy sumptuous platters. Bon appetite.

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