Book Depositary: More than 20 million titles and free delivery worldwide

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Educate yourself and you will lead the world one day—this is not a generic statement rather sages over the centuries have deciphered far earlier that knowledge propels ultimate supremacy over the world. 

Book Depository understands the pith of the statement quite well, henceforth, carries forth it to the next level. Serving as a massive library of more than 20 million books, Book Depositor believes in a relentless acumen-enhancing process and serves free delivery across all corners of the globe without setting a minimum order limit. 

In the following, a generic overview of the book store, all its embedded features, and exclusivity is presented in a nutshell. Go through these at your convenience and enlight yourself with limitless knowledge and wisdom.

Book Depository: Details you need to be aware of

The catalog of Book Depository is indeed immersive and plugged with sheer varieties. The entire archive is classified into endless genres and niches. The best part out of all is that all embedded written documents; be it books, magazines, and periodicals come in handy at incredibly low prices associated with tens of additional perks. Apart from this, the series of catalogs are ramified as per genres such as action, thriller, romance, etc, and ages which even count infants. Stay tuned with the underneath description below which puts forth an overall idea about popular decks and genres.

A. Trending genres and literature niches

In the context of literary genre and niches, Book Depository enkindles more than 12 mainstream titles that are further comparted into various subcategories. From classic literature eon to medieval era to contemporary times, the section has ornate with vertices of collections which enables a wholesome experience for readers. Trending categories are as follows.

1. Art & photography

A salient percentage of people devotes serious affinity toward arts and photography. And inside Book Depository you’ll overview an intriguing pile of this genre. From accessing the creation of renowned artists to exploring various compendiums about the titles, the bespoken shoppers have ample reasons to be satisfied. Popular artists’ names include Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, etc. Similarly, trending sub-genres cast the light upon art forms, photographic skills, art history, etc. The striking factor, you may get access to some rare manuscripts, and inscriptions in this section. While shopping you may enjoy an extent of 10% to 50% discount.

Art & photography books| Get a glimpse

2. Biographies

Reading biographies works like a booster for lots of bibliophiles. Despite being the engaging narratives the inspirational insight behind them becomes the main to fall for this literary genre. Popular biographies at Book Depository are segregated into historical, royal, sports, business, economic, and so on. Featured languages apart from English are Spanish, German, French, Polish, etc. Apart from the written form, these are also available in audio CDs. 

Biographies| Get a glimpse

3. Romance & fantasy

The most crowded and popular genre of all time. From 18 to 80, it’s hard to find a person averse to romantic stories, novels, and similar creations. Soft, sweet, or tragic whatever the content of romance series books is, people, incline more to captive and flossy storytelling that are adhered to these kinds of creations which ultimately wipes out their dull moods. The books under this section are split into historical romance, erotic romance, fantasy, and contemporary romance books. While shopping, shoppers are given full-fledged permission to customize their search as per their favorite authors, and vice-versa.

Romantic & fantasy books| Get a glimpse

4. Crime and thriller

Folks, who love to get goosebumps while fixing their eyes on written pages, Book Depository has marshaled a rip-roaring celestial of crime and thriller books for them. The list of best-selling authors who always hauls hypes of zeals are Agatha Christie, Val McDermid, James Patterson, and vice-versa. Shop any time any thriller book regardless of author, you’ll be given a whooping discount of a minimum of 20% all the time. 

Crime & thriller books| Get a glimpse

5. Graphic novels, anime & manga

Setting the eyes fixed on the pages of anime or graphic novels is not just a kid’s fervor, a significant throng of adults are affined with the habits and swallow the contents like a hose pipe. However, popular series of this deck are The Walking Dead, Saga, Black Butler, One Punch Man, Marvel Comics, and Tokyo Ghoul. Recently a completely new sect for Manga series has been added to it. Explore the section personally for a better understanding.

**Stay tuned to the exclusive blog page of Book Depository for detailed updates.

Recently included categories

Apart from the mainstream categories above, there are some other categories as well that recently have been added. These are LGBTQA, food and drink, travel, history & archeology, and so on. All these are handy at mesmerizing price drops and discounts. 

Book Depository| Shipping information & policies

Now after being used to the basics of Book Depository and its nature of collection you may want to lean forward uncovering details of the delivery and adhesive policies. The good news is, that the store sets no basic limit to claim the facility. It’s all free and beyond any limitation. However, you can personally inspect whether your country falls under the service or not from this page.


1. What are the approximate counts of books there at the Book Depository?

A. As per present data, the store archives a total of 20 million books which are supposed to expand later on.

2. In how many languages Book Depository does put up its collections?

A. The number of available languages are English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Finnish, and Italian.

3. How much should I pay to get the free delivery?

A. You don’t need to pay anything to receive the facility. Just place your order of any amount and that’s all.

So, stop being indifferent to brain and soul. Feed your acumen with some best collections of Book Depository and enlighten your mind. Keep reading and spread the habit at your best potency.

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