Boohoo x Megan Fox| Shop The Collection At Incredible Offers

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Boohoo x Megan Fox | Shop The Collection At Incredible Offers

Boohoo hauls to empower all bodies irrespective of shapes and sizes. Thus emancipate all infixed stigmas from fashion and its path. And iconic fashion star Megan Fox takes the statement to the next level and lets it shine as glittering as possible. As per the star—You’re your own power, you’re the source. So, everything starts with you. It simply means fashion is the hood to reveal your personality and adorn your selfhood. 

Thus, from Fox’s premium classic dresses; whether mini, cameo, midi, or long, disc collection to a chic cut trench coat, Boohoo scoops out a distinct space in its wardrobe to marshal what the star loves most. Henceforth, in this article, we will pay strict attention to uncovering exclusive Megan Fox collections endorsed by Boohoo. Let’s not lag more, take a quick glance at the store prior to finalizing your 2022 autumn fashion diary.

Boohoo x Megan Fox | Shop All Exclusives 

Be joyful about your body— that’s what Megan Fox conveys and so as Boohoo. Thus, the entire store is jam-packed with an array of heterogeneous collections starting from small dresses to longer ones, disc embroidered to simple knitted. Let’s start the slide show that unveils details.

1. Boohoo x Megan Fox Dresses | Starts At $28

 Being utterly outspoken about your body and hooding gestures with sheer haughtiness is what underlies every single dress at Boohoo x Megan Fox summer dress collection. From a bold mirror-disc dress to hemline cut midi to a body-hugging satin dress, each and every pick is prompt to turn your party mood on. From texture to luster to knits, it’s simply impossible to take off eyes once you pause in the closet for a casual glance. Skim through the details below.

  • Featured styles: bodycon dresses, maxi dresses, oversized coats
  • Available sizes: 2 to one size
  • Color options: black, metallic, silver, blue, beige, orange
  • Occasion: both casual and party
  • Price stars onwards from $28

Take a glance at popular dresses

Premium mirror disc mini dress| $100

Diamonte mesh midi dress| $75

Metallic foil neck cowl texture maxi midi| $28

2. Megan Fox Dresses 2.0 | Onwards from $18

2.0 collections is the later edition and appears as an eclectic version. Much analogous to the Megan Fox dresses closet this pile is a bit exclusive through boasting about stunning cuts and tailoring infusion. Whether an oversized pocket shirt, a mesh midi, or a mirror disc bralette, all exclusives of this wardrobe would bust loads of fun, amalgamated with a profound sense of urban sophistication on your daily livelihoods. The best part is, you can bag one just by paying only $18. Tell me, what can be better than this?

3. Boohoo x Megan Fox Tops | Grab At $20

Like the designs there is an amid variation of fabrications, which is notable in the closet of tops. Therefore all tops in this section can be considered your perfect fashion staple. Popular varieties of tops include bandeau, chainmail neck tops, graphic t-shirts, oversized denim shirts, bralette tops, and so forth. Among all designs, the most praised ones enlist, ribbed neck, rippled, chain knitted, mirror disc embroidered, and vice-versa. The fit and size show a wide extent as well, ranging between ultra-short to curve sizes. And in the context of prices, you can grab at $20 and onwards after.

Megan Fox top collections | Best Picks

Corset bandeau top| $30
Premium mirror disc bralette| $40

Square next texture ribbed neck bodysuit| $20

4. Boohoo x Megan Fox Pants & Trousers| Starts From $30

The summer stock for Boohoo Megan Fox 2.0 pants is freaking enticing so much that you can barely resist bagging a few pairs. Setting aside the flair of styles and types, you’ll discover the pants as most relaxing after donning. Be it a boxy cargo, slouchy dress pants, or oversized denim, all these are bleached in splendid colors and adhere to the smartest tailoring science. Know what else you must be aware of before shortlisting the purchase.

  • Featured styles of pants include cargo pants, flares, plain sweat pants, straight jeans, and pants
  • Each of these can be carried out both on casual and special occasions
  • The average price scale starts onwards from $30
  • A wide scale of both size and colors are put forth on the site

Boohoo Megan Fox pants collections| Top picks

Pliss straight leg cargo trouser| $38

Straight leg light wash denim jeans| $40

Recycled pocket straight jogger| $35

5. Boohoo x Megan Fox Suites & Tailoring | Shop At $30

Choose an array of blazers and suits from the wall of Boohoo x Megan Fox suites wall which has embellished the closet with stunning colorways, and cuts. The swayed suit sets are put forth in two cuts; full sleeve and sleeve, both in baggy fit and high waist. And in the context of colors, you’ll witness placid assimilation of neutral hues, bright glitters, and bold colors like orange, metallic beige, etc. On top of all, the section is economical beyond your expectations. 

6.  Boohoo x Megan Fox Coats & Jackets | Starts From $60

Whether blazers, jackets, trench coats, or bomber jackets, Boohoo’s exclusive Megan Fox-set jackets and coasts are indeed trendsetters. Be it a casual event or for going out, anything from the set is impressively adaptive to each occasion. Along with this, plenty of variations of colors, fabrics, and cuts are equally notable. Fetch out details of this apparel from the underneath pointers.

  • Featured styles: blazers, bomber jackets, macs & trench coats, oversized jackets
  • Available color options: blue, black, beige, orange, white
  • Enlisted price range: $50 to $100
  • A wide scale of sizes and fitting are also pinned up with the wardrobe display

Boohoo x Megan Fox coats & jackets | Top picks

Premium relaxed fit structured blazer| $60

Premium utility pocket trench coat| $65

Oversized satin bomber jacket| $70

So, this was what was trending at Boohoo’s coop for Megan Fox exclusives. Don’t procrastinate to keep your cart list ready and leap bigger to kickstart your shopping spree. Indulge your flamboyance the way you want! Remember, there is no such word called ‘dull’ in the empire of vogue, vain & showing off. 

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