BBQ season is around the corner-Transform your backyard into the perfect spot for feasts with OnBuy’s range of Barbecues

March 15, 2022 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Blog,OnBuy

It’s summer and the delicious BBQ season is just a few days away. So, it’s time to clear your backyard, chop off the bushes and manage some space to throw a devouring feast for the stake of the day! But wait! Are you still afraid of this age-old culinary tradition just because of its painstaking and complicated cooking process? Relax! Your problem finally stands on the edge! Wondering how? Well, OnBuy takes the initiative in helping you out by marshaling impressive varieties of BBQ grillers, manufactured with avant-garde cooking gears. All these grilling gears recompose the science behind sizzling with utmost delicacy and make the process of grilling easiest ever! Therefore, let’s take a glance at those sets which indeed are in remarkably high demand for now. 


Best-selling OnBuy’s BBQ grillers

  1. Portable BBQ Grill

         Price: £42.48

If you reside with a nucleated family with 3-5 members or are keen to invite your very close friend circle on any day during the BBQ season, this one is a flawless recommendation. It perfectly feeds 3-5 people and can sizzle multiple times together. The best part is, that it’s portable and easy to install. The griller has a separate compartment for charcoal and the mair grilling wire is made up of stainless steel, hence devoid of any corrosion or rusting effect. Apart from this, it is easy to clean and hasten the cooking process.



  • Lightweight and portable
  • Minimum cooking duration
  • Receive over 46,000 Trustpilot reviews

  • Not provide intense smoky effect


  1. 14” portable kettle BBQ grillers

        Price: £28.44

Another brilliant portable griller that is even perfect to carry for an outdoor event afar from your house. The entire body including both the griller and supportive is made up of heavy-weight stamped steel which is rustproof. The main feature that makes it distinct from other grillers is its witty design. Since it resembles a kettle shape it stews the meat inside surprisingly at a minimum time through covering up. 


  • Enables smart and timely cooking
  • Receives 4.7 stars

  • Not recommended for large groups 


  1. Charcoal trolley garden outdoor BBQ

         Price: £84.98

In case your friend circle counts a large number, say of 2 figures, and you all guys just go frantic for smokey meat then you can’t overboard with this trolley garden outdoor BBQ. The notable fact is–the griller trolley is well equipped with 11 long wooden handle grilling frocks, a sturdy stainless steel grilling net, and a resistant charcoal compartment that can tolerate up to 400 degrees celsius. Just keep in mind this griller allows open-air sizzling, so you can’t cover it up with lids. Therefore, in order to devour your unsurpassable smoky meat craving, go for it keeping your eyes closed. 



  • Perfect for large groups of 10-11 members
  • Allows whole meat cooking

  • Little big in size and heavy-weight


  1. Garden Store Direct GSD Round Charcoal Bermuda Griller

         Price: £174.91

This smart griller, enables a more scientific process of sizzling without compromising with taste rather it specifies temperature regulation duly cooking. Made up of porcelain enamel steel, the kettle shape sizzle is designed with an inbuilt temperature gauge and air vents. These two work great against any kind of burning or sticking of the meat with the grilling nets. It is completely charcoal-based and platters soft cooked meat immersed with a tantalizing smoky taste. Currently, at OnBuy you can shop a piece of it at a captive price drop. 



  • Perfect for beginners 
  • Deters burning duly cooking 

  • Quite expensive 


  1. 4+1 gas burner garden griller

         Price: £509.98

A great choice indeed, for the folks who are afraid of charcoal smoke and gas. In fact, this smart garden griller is completely LPG controlled. Just be sure to get it encapsulated with gas cylinders before turning the stove on. In the context of configuration, the temperature is controlled by the gas burner regulators linked with a total of 5 gas pipes. The cooking slot is divided into two parts; sizzling slots and a single cooking burner top. So, simultaneously with sizzling you can cook your favorite dishes or prepare some delicious snacks. The complete griller is manufactured with robust steel and crafts a special space for storage.



  • Supports multitudes of vibrant cooking and sizzling
  • Dustproof 

  • Heavy-weight 
  • Very expensive 


  1. Smoker Grill XL with Charcoal and Smoker

         Price: £192.38

The ballon shape griller resembles a very unique design that supports diverse kinds of sizzling at one time. The entire sizzling compartments are layered in 3 sections; charcoal alcove at the button, charcoal grilling tray in the middle, and smoke-steam griller layer on the top. That means you’ll enjoy both smokey sizzler and steamed-smokey sizzler. On the outer part, there is one temperature gauge meter that helps you to be more cautious with heat and all.



  • Enables two different kinds of sizzling
  • Budget effective

  • Not suitable for big groups


So, what are you waiting for? Get the list of guests, ready, and order any of the grillers above. You can also explore some other varieties as well. You are completely free to do that. Hence, start arranging a sumptuous meat feast for the looming BBQ season! Bon appetite, beforehand! 

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