About Us

About Us

Zmails is a leading online coupon website that aims for global outreach. Set up 5 years back, the website profused with an imperative of amalgamating trending coupons and offers from premier international e-commerce industries under one platform and helping users in the most effective way. Today, the website successfully is spread over more than 10 countries and tied up with their preeminent e-commerce stores. Notably of these countries are the USA, UK, Scandinavian countries, Australia, S. Africa, UAE, and so forth.



We serve users in two ways. One by enlisting top coupons from a particular store and second, by providing descriptive blogs that delineates a clearer picture to the user about the respective store and ongoing event inside it. Currently, we’ve shifted our attention more around blog-based information as this way proved to be more user effective.



Our mission is to be a leading global internal coupon industry and avail the most trusted user effective information, stuffed with cutting-edge information. And gradually grow our capacity from 10 countries to the entire world and increase the number of marketing partners from 500 to millions.

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