4 Chic Work Outfits From Poplook

January 15, 2020 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ PopLook

Imagine waking up to your alarm on a Monday morning, dragging yourself out of bed and picking the most mundane outfit before going to work. As the saying goes, “ Clothes do make a man” or a woman in this case. Yet, going to work does not mean that you have to keep your stylish clothes till the next weekend.  Who says that one cannot be fashionably stylish while at work. Not only can one be both a chic career woman, but wearing something nice definitely brightens up your day. Here are 4 chic office looks from POPLOOK that are bound to blow the entire office away!

Look 1: Monochrome Mondays

Poplook Ursylla flare slacks in blackPoplook occasion tilda eyelet blouse in whitePoplook dayang necklace

A classic black and white combo never goes out of style. Pairing Poplook’s  Urysalla flare slack pants and elegant white Tilda Eyelet blouse, this look gives a crisp and professional impression. But do not fall to the boring look of black and white. Pair it with a statement Dayang necklace to make a subtle fashion statement!

Look 2: Bright & Bold

Poplook arisha lace peplum top in red Poplook kaelyn structured mermaid skirt in nude Poplook wilis tote bag in black

Who says that bright colours can’t be worn in the office? This red arisha lace peplum top is the perfect blouse to go along with a nude mermaid skirt. Accompanied with a black tote big enough to store a laptop, you have enough bright colours to help you go through the day and remind you that maybe weekdays do not have to be that dull afterall!

Look 3: Mauve & Suave

Poplook armida scallop waist maxi skirt in burgundyPoplook meena fitted tiered sleeve blouse in dusty pink

Many fashion magazines and websites advise against wearing the same colour from head to toe. But this does not mean that it is not possible. If pulled off in the right way, the person can give off a refreshing vibe. The key is to wear different hues of the same colour. For example, pairing up a burgundy waist maxi skirt and dusty pink fitted tiered blouse proves that wearing the same colour does not have to be a fashion disaster. Top it up with a cream floral tudung and you are good to go!

Look 4: Boho Chic

Poplook kyrel colourblock blouse in navy and creamPoplook lamia brooch rubyPoplook palma chino pants brown

Usually, office wear are relegated to just basic colours. However, one should be able to enjoy wearing prints or patterns to work too! Obviously we are not telling you to wear something outrageous but a cream and navy colour block blouse and brown chino pants seem to be the ideal outfit for a dress down friday look! Instead of wearing something conventional like a necklace to accessorise your look, why not try a ruby brooch?

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