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June 20, 2019 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Central,Fashion

As the week inches closer to the weekend, the struggle to be a social being vs hanging at home with your beloved Netflix, begins to creep up. We feel you.

Now, let’s say in the rare occasion you decide to leave your comfortable cave and venture out on a weekend, you’re going to need to evaluate and restock your wardrobe options. While it’s easy to go for the blacks, red, and shiny bling. We are vibing very strong with a more alternate color palette for this party season.



If it is a date night with your partner or your bestie and you’re ready to kill on the dancefloor then pastels are the way to go. Pair a pastel pink/blue top with a draped silver skirt and slip-on some nude pumps. And just like that you’re a star.



If a girl’s night out is on the cards after weeks of planning, then go with a something coral. It will set the right tone and energy needed for a night out of pure fun and memories. Pair a coral midi skirt with a blush pink top and beige heels. Accessorize with rose gold accessories.



If a night of clubbing and pub-hopping is on the horizon then your bet must be on neons. Not only does a shade of neon spark with infections energy, it also makes you very easy to spot in a crowd. All eyes on you, is what we are going for. Pair a neon pink dress with black shoes or go minimal with an all-black outfit styled with bright neon green pumps and a neon yellow messenger bag. Skip the accessories and go loud on the lipstick.



If a brunch party is what is happening this weekend, then skip the usual Sunday colors and go for a mustard. Not only is the shade perfect for a party, it looks gorgeous on the Indian skin tone. Pair some comfortable mustard pants with a white top and accessorize to your heart’s desire. Throw on some beige platform sneakers and you’re ready to stand for hours of socializing and then hit the dance floor.


No matter which color palette you finally zone in on, don’t forget to find a flattering shade of lipstick, so that your Instagram filter doesn’t have to do all the work.

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